Dave Asprey Biohacks His Junk with GAINSWave®

He first grabbed America’s attention by telling us to add butter to our coffee. Now, self-proclaimed biohacker and New York Times best-selling author of The Bulletproof Diet, Dave Asprey, is making waves again.

This time he’s experimenting with sound waves from the revolutionary treatment GAINSWave, meant to increase men’s sexual health and optimize sexual performance.

Watch him receive the procedure below!

Dave Asprey and GAINSWave

It’s no surprise this regenerative drug- and surgery-free treatment has caught the attention of biohackers like Asprey who look for functional ways to “take control of their biology”, and set themselves up for a lifetime of optimal sexual performance.

Through the use of high frequency low intensity sound waves, GAINSWave improves blood flow to the penis, forms new nerve tissues to increase sensitivity, improves nitric oxide production which allows for healthy flexible tissue and breaks up micro-plaque in the vessels.

Asprey received the treatment himself from Dr. Kate Kass of Functional Medicine and Men’s Health in Seattle, and the two explored the male aging process and how sexual performance can be improved at any age with the GAINSWave treatment. “You’ve got to watch the strength of your erection as an indicator of the strength of your biology in general,” says Dave Asprey.

Listen to the full podcast here or simply click below.

Bulletproof™ Radio Podcast: Beyond Erectile Dysfunction

Want to experience these same long-lasting results? Contact your GAINSWave provider to learn more about this revolutionary new treatment or find a provider near you: https://gainswave.com/directory

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