Creating Waves with Sex Tech

Remember the days when computers took up more space in a room than an automobile does in a garage?

These days, smartphones that fit conveniently in our pockets have more capabilities than the largest computer build less than a decade ago.

Technology hasn’t just grown in the realm of electronics! It’s greatly expanded to the medical world. It’s relevant to say that the little blue pills have as much in common with the first computers built that GAINSWave has with the latest smartphones.

Sex With Emily recently published a blog article focusing on how new developments, like GAINSWave, are helping people become more advanced in the bedroom.

Although GAINSWave is not a machine, but rather a treatment, it does incorporate machines that produce high frequency, low-intensity soundwaves to improve blood flow to the penis, remove micro-plaque, and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.

Below is a quote from Sex With Emily’s Article:

“Often, the cause of erectile dysfunction stems from a build-up of micro plaque in the blood vessels of the penis. GAINSWave’s twenty-minute therapy session breaks up that micro plaque, allowing most men to regain normal sexual function and enjoy the benefits the SAME DAY.”

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Adrian Gonzalez

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