Breaking Normal Podcast Discusses GAINSWave®

You might recognize Daniel Eisenman from the viral OM Daddy video, where he miraculously stopped his baby from crying in seconds with the sound of his voice.

Daniel is also the host of the Breaking Normal Podcast, dedicated to exploring the self-imposed prisons people place themselves in, and shedding light on how we can all break through what we believe is “normal”.

In this podcast, which comes with a full video interview, Daniel dives into male sexual health with Dr. Bryan Kansas of Urology Austin.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the topics discussed:  

  • Will a completely vegan diet hurt your sex drive?
  • Why biohackers like Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield are using soundwaves for better boners.
  • What happens to our testosterone as we age, and the best solutions to boost it.
  • Why every man alive will experience erectile dysfunction at some point.Listen Here: 

Watch Full Interview Below:

If you’re battling erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease, you’re not alone. Both young and older men are affected by this condition.

Unfortunately, most men rely on little blue pills to mask the temporary symptoms of erectile dysfunction rather than focusing on the core issue. If you’re tired of this constant battle, then we encourage you to connect with a provider in your community that offers GAINSWave.

To find a provider near you, click the link below: <- Click the link

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