Biohacking the Aging Penis with GAINSWave on the Birds and Bees Podcast

Many men fear losing the function of their manhood as they get older. Every year more than 30 million men will seek treatment for their regularly occurring ED, but many more suffer in silence. Whether because they are afraid of the disapproval of a partner or fear being seen as less of a man as a result of it, there is a very glaring stigma attached to talk about the function and health of penises.

In the most recent episode (#52) of the Birds and Bees podcast, host Braxton Dutson speaks with GAINSWave Director of Clinical Excellence, Dr. Judson Brandeis about strategies for keeping the penis healthy and working well. Listen now:

ED is not your fault! You no longer need to just accept that this is how your life will be! Use the link below to find a provider in our area today and get started feeling better than you probably have in a very long time.
















Chad Moulder

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