Biohacker, Danny Vega’s GAINSWave Experience Tell-all

Danny Vega of Fat Fueled Family is a celebrity biohacker, Keto expert and father of the year.

After reading about Dave Asprey’s results with GAINSWave in Asprey’s best-seller, Game Changers, Danny decided to get the treatment himself and document the entire journey!

“It was like being gob smacked. The idea that total health and wellness should include your sexual health seems so obvious in retrospect, but because it wasn’t something that was problematic for me, I just hadn’t considered that it was a place for me to really optimize my performance,” shares Danny in his article.

Despite not battling any performance issues, Danny embarked on a journey to receive 6 GAINSWave treatments, which is the recommended amount for maximum results.

We don’t want to give too much away, so CLICK HERE to read the full article on the Fat Fueled Family blog.

Do you know if a doctor in your community provides GAINSWave? 
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