AskMen Tries Out GAINSWave® to See What All the Hype is Really About

AskMen contributor, Zachary Zane, wanted to experience GAINSWave for himself and see what all the hype was about.  

After hearing about GAINSWave on the Doctor’s Farmacy podcast from guest Dr. George Shapiro, Zane decided to seek him out to see what the truth was behind the dozens of clinical research papers that have been written about GAINSWave and the extracorporeal shockwave therapy that is literally getting thousands of happy men back to their sexual peak. 

Even though Zane doesn’t suffer currently from ED, he was interested to see what it could do for an otherwise healthy male.  

His conclusion? 

“While there’s no need to share detailed specifics, let’s just say I dropped my pants in front of someone and...the treatment works.”

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