Ask Emily: How Can I Save My Relationship?

When you’re battling erectile dysfunction, it’s not only you that suffers.

More times than not, the partners of men that are dealing with this common condition believe they may be at fault. 

Because the topic is largely under-discussed due to macho taboos, men tend to hide the fact that there’s a health concern that is affecting their performance and not the level of attraction they have toward the partner. 

Cyndy’s partner is a 56-year-old male that is struggling with ED. The great news is that they’re talking about the issue at hand, and she’s actively looking for more ways to help him. She shares that although he has an active prescription for both Viagra and Cialis, things aren’t working as they usually do. 

In this article written by Dr. Emily Morse of Sex with Emilyshe provides her professional opinion on how to gauge the conversation to lead Cyndy’s partner out of depression and towards a more long-term solution.  

There are new treatments out there that go way beyond pills that not every doctor is privy to. One I’ve been particularly fascinated with is a treatment called GAINSWave®. It uses soundwaves to restore blood flow to vessels that are blocked by plaque buildup. It seems very promising, especially when pills just don’t seem to be getting the job done,” shares Emily.  

You can read the full article on her website by visiting the link below: 

Or stream a podcast interview Emily hosted with board-certified urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis, here: 

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