A Urologist’s Tips for Getting Your Penis in Shape

Recently, GAINSWave Director of Clinical Excellence and Board Certified urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis visited the blog over at Hot Octopus to discuss strategies for strengthening and improving the penis. As men age, it is normal for certain physical changes to also affect the way we see and feel ourselves, so it’s important that if you aren’t already taking care of your sexual health to begin early to avoid future disease and malady.

Declining by roughly 10% per decade, physical performance is often one of the first indicators that we are no longer performing at our peak. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t ways to improve physical, and in particular sexual, longevity for men as they get older.

With GAINSWave, these patients are able to not only regain their physical ability to have sex, in many cases, this ability is improved and optimized offering patients long-term options for treating the ED safely and naturally.

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