My Best Gay Life: A Sexpert’s Scoop On SEX!

Let’s talk about sex, baby!
From America’s “The Today Show” to BGLSusan Bratton answers all your questions about sex! And we have even only gone and popped her cherry! In all seriousness, though, Susan is a world-renowned Sexpert and she was kind enough to sit down and answer some of the most pressing questions on every guy’s mind. 

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Here Are A Few Hot Topics We Pulled Together For You From The Podcast!

How Do I Make My Wife Partner Orgasm?
First things first, you need to understand that every person is different and that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, Susan did give us some general advice that should help you get your partner to climax. She recommends being present during sex, making sure that you are both physically and mentally invested in the experience.

Pay attention to your partner’s body language and cues so that you know what they are enjoying and what they’re not. And, most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask them directly what they want! Good communication is key in any relationship, but it’s especially important in the bedroom.

Another important factor to consider is foreplay.
According to Susan, foreplay should last at least 20 minutes (though ideally it would be even longer). This gives both partners time to get fully aroused and reduces the pressure on one person to perform. When it comes to actual intercourse, Susan recommends focusing on quality over quantity. Instead of trying to last as long as possible, focus on short bursts of intense activity followed by periods of rest. This will help you build up sexual tension and keep both partners engaged throughout the experience. Finally, don’t forget about aftercare!

Once you’ve finished, take a few minutes to cuddle or talk with your partner. This will help you both feel connected and close after such an intimate experience.

I’m Not Satisfied With My Sex Life. What Can I Do?
If you’re not satisfied with your sex life, it’s important to figure out what the root of the problem is before you can begin to solve it!

  • Are you not having sex as often as you’d like? Is the quality of sex not up to your standards?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your partner during sex?

Figuring out what the problem is will help guide you towards a solution. If you’re not having enough sex, perhaps you need to communicate with your partner more about your needs and find creative ways to increase your intimacy (outside of the bedroom). If the quality of sex isn’t good enough for you, start thinking about what would make it better for you specifically. What kind of foreplay do you enjoy? What are your favorite positions? Talk with your partner about these things so that they can be implemented into your sex life.

And finally, if you feel disconnected from your partner during sex, work on increasing the emotional intimacy in your relationship overall. This can be done through thoughtful gestures or simply spending more time talking with one another about things other than just logistics. By working on these things outside of the bedroom, you’ll likely see an improvement in your sexual relationship as well.

Sex is an important part of any relationship but it’s also something that can be easily overlooked or taken for granted. If you’re not satisfied with your current level of sexual activity or satisfaction, take some time to figure out what the root of the problem is. Once you know what it is that’s lacking in your sex life, you can begin taking steps to improve the situation. Talk with your partner about what you both want and need from sexual encounters and make an effort to be more present during intimate moments together.

By doing these things, you’re sure to see an improvement in both the quantity and quality of sexual encounters within your relationship!

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