Muscle Intelligence For Your “Package”

Vitality and longevity often have a symbiotic relationship with sexual health and performance.  This interview with Dr. Judson Brandeis will teach you the best tools to maximize your performance, in and out of the bedroom.  This episode of the Muscle Intelligence Podcast is a must-listen for every male.

An award winning urologist and sexual medicine expert, Dr. Brandeis is also a clinical researcher, physician educator, caring clinician, and surgeon.  Dr. Brandeis recently authored the ultimate men’s health book, The 21st Century Man: Advice from 50 Top Doctors and Men’s Health Experts to Help You Feel Great, Look Good and Have Better Sex.

You’ll learn:

  • A complete men’s rejuvenation protocol to boost muscle growth and fat loss.
  • What the ultimate compound to enhance men’s health is.
  • What you can do to take control of your health & prevent vascular degeneration.
  • How this one specific type of therapy enhances sexual performance.
  • A well-rounded, individualized approach to balancing hormones.

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