The Men's Optimization Summit

Join 20+ Of the World's Leading Health Experts at The Men's Optimization Summit from The Comfort of Home & Discover How To Optimize Every Aspect of Yourself.

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“This is such a unique event because it brings together the leading experts in everything from regenerative medicine to biohacking and more! I ca't think of a better event for men to attend this year!”

Susan Bratton

The Ultimate On-Demand Summit

The Men’s Optimization Summit brings you the top 25+ leaders in men’s health to provide you with cutting-edge hacks you can utilize to optimize every aspect of your health and wellness. No stone is left unturned in this on-demand virtual summit catering exclusively to the men who are looking to be better, faster, brighter and stronger than ever before.


“I'm so happy I got to be a part of such a powerful summit. The line-up is stacked with experts on experts! I think men are going to learn a lot of cool and interesting things from this summit ”

Drew Manning


Focusing On What Matters Most

From biohacking your DNA to getting jacked, here are a few of the topics you can expect:

  • Biohacking Baldness
  • Ketogenic Transformation
  • Reversing & Preventing Heart Disease
  • Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®
  • Epigenetic Optimization For Performance 
  • How To Biohack Your ‘Package”
  • Top 3 Stimulants Disrupting Optimal Sleep
  • How To Fuel Mental Performance & Drive
  • The Truth About Hormone Optimization
  • More Topics Below!

“There's so much misinformation out there when it comes to men's health. There's also a ton of things that men should know about, but don't because life keeps them so busy. I believe this event is going to provide men with a lot of the life-changing insight they've been missing out on with the convenience not typically provided to the public.”

Dr. Joel Kahn


Tony Horton

Creator of P90X and Power Life

3 Ways to Optimize Your Health At Any Age

Dr. Amy B. Killen

Advanced Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Why So Many Men Are Getting Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®

Drew Manning

Creator of Fit2Fat2Fit, Health & Fitness Expert

Transformation & Healing Through Ketogenic Diet

Susan Bratton

Intimacy Expert to Millions

The Men's Optimization Hostess With The Mostess

Mark Bell

Meathead Millionaire, Powerlifter& Inventor

"Shredded or Jacked?" Two Ways To Build Your Body For Quicker Results

Dr.Robyn Benson

Advanced Regenerative Medicine Specialist

How To Fix Your Woman’s Sexual Pain & Libido Loss

Ben Pakulski

Godfather of Intelligent Muscle Building®️

How To Build Character and Discipline To Achieve Greater Good

Dr. Mary Clifton

board-certified internal medicine doctor

Lean, Lusty and Alive: Cannabis Strategies for Healthy Longevity

Dr. Joel Kahn

America's Healthy Heart Doc

Reversing Heart Disease With Plant-Based Nutrition

Dr. Doreen Saltiel


Debunking Testosterone Myths & Emphasizing The Truths

Dr.William Davis

Cardiologist + Author + Health Crusader

How To Become A Better Man Through Your Microbiome

Dr. Harry Adelson

Inventor of Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®

Why So Many Men Are Getting Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®

Kashif Khan

CEO & Co-Founder of The DNA Company

Biohacking Your Mood & Behavioral Genetics

Dr. Judson Brandeis

Board-Certified Urologist

The 21st Century Man: Top Ten Lessons For Optimizing Men’s Health & Wellness

Dr. Gregory Kelly

Director of Product Development at Neurohacker Collective

How To Use Nootropics To Fuel Mental Performance & Drive

Dr. Geo

naturopathic functional medicine doctor

Male Hormones & ED: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Dr. Alan Bauman

board-certified hair restoration physician

The Reasons Why Testosterone Therapy Can Wreck Your Hair & What Can Be Done About It

Ben Azadi

Founder of Keto Kamp

The Keto Flex Concept

Dr. Mark Burhenne

Functional Dentist

The Oral Microbiome & The Mouth-Body Connection

Ryan Smith

Founder of TruDiagnostic

Epigenetic Optimization For Performance & Aging

Jim Benson

Sex & Relationship Wizard

The Tuning Fork Technique For Better Sex

Dr. David Cunningham

Co-founder and physician at Infinity Family Care, PC

How To Biohack Your "Package"

Adam Armstrong

Master Sex Coach

The 3 Key Ways to Optimize Male Sexual Performance

Jack Dell'Accio

Founder & CEO of Essentia Organic Mattress

Top 3 Stimulants Disrupting Optimal Sleep & Recovery

Registered Attendees

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