Men’s Health: The Testosterone Edition!

About 40-45% of men over 45 years old have low testosterone, or low “T”. Younger men can also experience low T, even when in their 20’s. Low testosterone levels are correlated with poor nutrition, age, sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep, alcohol or drug use, prescription drug use, exposure to toxins, stress, and genetics.

There are serious health risks associated with low T, such as an increase in cardiovascular disease, osteopenia, or osteoarthritis, a decrease in lean body mass, our longevity organ, chronic brain fog, and of course, sexual dysfunction. Low T leads to depression, more stress and a feeling of hopelessness and low confidence.

According to Urologist, Dr. Tracy Gapin, the USA is currently experiencing a men’s pandemic, which he believes is all tied to low testosterone. 

In this episode of Health Trip With Jill Foos, Jill and Dr. Gapin dive deep into everything men need to know about testosterone. 


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