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10 Insider Secrets to Dental Care

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Dr. Mark Burhenne

Functional Denstist

Big, white teeth and fresh breath are babe magnets. In this episode, oral health nut Susan Bratton interviews Dr. Mark Burhenne, a functional dentist, on the latest knowledge about having the cleanest mouth.

Discover the oral microbiome’s role in vascular health, heart disease, cancer, stroke and erectile dysfunction. How to know if you have bad bacteria. How to get rid of bad bacteria and rework your oral microbiome. Why you should throw out all your current dental care products and what products you should be using now.

Find out about this new hydroxyapatite and why it’s a replacement for fluoride toothpaste. Why fluoride can make you dumber and ruin your metabolism. And what “remineralization” of the teeth is and why it fights cavities and makes your teeth sparkle.

Learn that antibacterial mouthwash is a horrible idea and what to use instead. Experience the magic of oral irrigators and tongue scrapers.

Find out about ozone therapy, mercury-free tooth restoration, what to ask if you need a crown and how to replace your amalgams and metal crowns safely.

Susan and Mark review all kinds of bone density and airway improvement appliances. Susan shows her homeoblock and POD and explains how they keep you from looking old while improving your air passage for better sleeping.

And last and most important, why you want to sleep with your mouth closed and how to train your body to do this with mouth taping.

This segment will open up a whole new world of health for your longevity and sex appeal.

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