Longevity, ED, & Functional Wellness With Dr. Tracy Gapin

Are you so focused on excelling in your career and taking care of your family that you often neglect taking care of yourself?

The truth is, this is a very common cycle the majority of Americans find themselves dealing with, even unconsciously.
The good news is that you can break the cycle with a few simple tweaks to your daily routine!

In this podcast episode of Sexually Speaking With Shannon, Dr. Tracy Gapin reveals what he did when he realized he was caught in this vicious cycle, and what he did to change that and how we’s helping his patients do the same everyday through the help of modern medicine.


In this episode:
01:45 – Discovering human optimization and high performance
03:30 – What is longevity? Healthspan versus lifespan
04:40 – Performance medicine
06:05 – How do all of these things relate to sexual health?
09:10 – Defining optimal performance & biohacking
11:15 – Simple changes for feeling better
16:20 – Finding your “Why”?
18:00 – How to prioritize your relationship with your wife over taking care of others
20:40 – Basic health problems and simple habits to support performance optimization
22:50 – Male 2.0 – https://amzn.to/3xn8mr8
24:50 – What is high performance?

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