Masculine Confidence

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Kevin Aillaud is a men’s confidence coach. He shows men how to shift their mindset to understand that the universe is benevolent and good things are always happening if you allow them.

He explains what intentional manifestation is: the notion that you have to envision your success to achieve it. He shares what it takes to be an Alpha man vs a Beta style man. The Alpha man is secure in himself and watches the world occur around him without it impacting his emotions. The Alpha man understands that leadership is simply caring for those you’re leading, not wielding power. Making money generates abundance that gives you the ability to help more people and affect more good, not just amassing wealth for wealth’s sake.

There are some simple twists of mindset and perspective in this segment that will give every man a more secure footing in the world. You are always able to optimize your set of beliefs.

This episode with Susan and Kevin helps you move out of victimization and anger and into confidence and emotionally secure footing. A must-watch for all men who feel they could live to a higher potential.

Kevin Aillaud - The Alpha Male Coach Podcast

Kevin Aillaud

Men’s Confidence Coach

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