Discovering Which of Your Genes You Need To Proactively Manage for Healthspan

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Kashif Kahn

CEO & Co-Founder of The DNA Company

Most people don’t know that a personalized instruction manual exists, inside all of us. An instruction manual so detailed it contains all of the information for you to live the healthiest, longest life possible.

There is powerful information hiding in our DNA. Science has proven that we are not a one-size-fits-all species. We are all unique, not just in physical attributes, but right down to our cellular levels. And all of this information is stored right inside our DNA. And not only that, it turns out genes have switches that can be turned on and off through our diets and lifestyles.

If you know how to turn on and off the right genes, you can easily improve your health and performance. Not only that, you can truly live your healthiest and longest life possible. Find how to identify and avoid diseases, exactly which foods, environment, and lifestyle are right for you and which ones are not, and the link between balding and your prostate. Your DNA profile can even help you understand your unique personality (mood, reactions, stress response, etc) and troubleshoot issues like poor sleep, fatigue, hair loss, weight gain and much more.

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