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Few American industries have changed in the past decade as much as healthcare. Technological advances, scientific discoveries, medicinal breakthroughs, consumer demands as well as payer reform have made healthcare vastly different, as well as much more competitive. In addition, the services that a facility offers can now be purchased from a variety of practices.

So what criteria does a prospective client use in determining which practice they will hand over their money to? As long as the products are the same, a potential client will choose a practice based on location and price. The task of luring customers is especially daunting for regenerative practices, considering that services from clinic A and clinic B are basically identical. The only differences between the two would be location and the price tag. In today’s competitive marketplace, the practice that offers their customers the biggest bang for their buck, is the one that prevails.

Though regenerative practices are more vulnerable to a harsh marketplace, they are also in a unique position to use the market forces to their advantage. Bundling is one effective marketing technique that differentiates one practice from another. Essentially, by bundling multiple services together, creates a unique offering that gives an edge over the competition.

Bundling Treatments can Separate a Practice from the Competition

Imagine five regenerative practices all in the same building, offering the same services and therapies at the same price. Initially, they may seem identical based on the treatments offered. However, upon closer scrutiny, a customer will find that one of these practices offers a lucrative bundling package that includes all of the available services at a reduced price. By purchasing this bundled package a consumer can improve their sex life, reduce age-related pain, and restore their hair. For example, instead of paying $500 for each individual therapy session, $1,250 covers the bundled package. 

GAINSWave Makes Bundling a Win for All

Executed properly, upselling can take a transaction to the next level by persuading a customer to spend more money in exchange for an upgrade or for add-ons. By upselling regenerative therapies, the client and the practitioner are rewarded. The client receives more products at a discounted price, and the practitioner receives more revenue from the client, as well as increased patient retention. 

For male patients, GAINSWave treatments can be bundled to meet each individual’s customized needs. If the patient is more concerned with their sexual abilities and hair loss than joint pain relief or testosterone, a vendor should create a package that meets all of their needs. 

An example of a GAINSWave bundled package could include Platelet-Rich-Plasma injections with the Phoenix device. If the patient is a female, the right bundled package of FemiWave, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Phoenix or more could convince the patient that one practice makes more economical sense than the competitors. 

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