How To Not Cum Fast: What Can You Do About It?

Sex feels good. In our polarizing society, where even the time of day could compel vicious arguments, the one thing everyone agrees with is that sex feels good. The chemicals that we release while enduring an orgasm, fill our bodies with a sensation brimming with euphoria. These orgasmic signals soar through our nerves and explode in our brain, like a spectacular fireworks performance. 

But premature ejaculation can bring a rainstorm over these fireworks. Kind of like how every firework show saves the best ones for last – sex gets more intense and intimate as each second transpires. Putting an end to this fantastic experience before it really begins is frustrating at best and tragic at worst.

 Up to 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. Ejaculation is considered “premature” when a man ejaculates within two minutes after penetration has begun. Premature ejaculation is much more common than people might assume. In fact, the Mayo Clinic refers to premature ejaculation as a “common sexual complaint”.

How to not cum fast is a popular question among sexually active men. Read this article to learn how to not cum fast. In addition, this article will illustrate various reasons as to why a man may be watering the flowers before the buds have been hatched.  

Why do Men Cum Too Fast?

Psychological issues:

The main reason that a man may prematurely ejaculate is nerves – anything dealing with the mind. Anxiety and stress is a very common reason, but so is self-esteem, sexual inexperience as well as drugs or alcohol abuse. 

Building an erection and then performing ejaculation, requires the interaction of several complex bodily functions, all of which are governed by the brain. If someone is going through any sort of mental issue, potentially, they may suffer from sexual dysfunction.

Sexual anxiety could include worrying about being able to perform, feeling excited about satisfying a partner, wondering whether or not some sexual supplement is going to kick in, or even hoping the wife is not about to barge into the room. 

Sexual anxiety is particularly vicious, in that, quite often its effects are cyclical. For example, a man may not perform well with his partner one night. The next evening that they are in bed together, he may be so preoccupied with the fear of failing again, that he repeats his performance.

Biological issues:

Any sort of erectile dysfunction caused by a psychological issue is usually treatable. As a result, this article mainly deals with such. However, premature ejaculation is also caused by biological issues, such as: 

  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters
  • Prostate cancer
  • Inherited traits – Mayo Clinic

Other possible causes:

Consumption of alcohol or drugs or both can lead to sexual dysfunction. According to this study, one hundred male subjects were admitted to an addiction center. Seventy-two percent of them acknowledged that they had some sort of sexual dysfunction.

Penis sensitivity can cause erectile problems, including prematurely ejaculating. Read this article to find out all about penis sensitivity.

How Does One Know that they Have Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation happens to many men. In fact, almost all men ejaculate sooner than they would like. How can one tell that they have premature ejaculation?

  • Ejaculation occurs within two minutes after intercourse
  • Unable to control ejaculation
  • Negative thoughts and feelings accompany the failure to sexual perform properly

Methods that Could Teach Individuals How to Not Cum Early

Psychological problems are often at the root of any sexual dysfunction. Whether it be cumming too quickly, failure to get hard, or failure to ejaculate, to put it simply, the solution is usually minded over matter. Just because we have pinpointed the problem, does not make the solution any easier. Dissuading one’s self from thinking as they usually do, could be difficult. Here are some tips that could teach people, among other things, how to not cum so fast during sex.

If It Works, Be Confident About It

Difficulty getting an erection is a problem in itself. If one is able to get hard through masturbation, then the equipment works. Be cognizant of that while lying in bed next to your partner. Accept the fact that your sexual dysfunction is not caused by any physical or internal issue. Be confident and acknowledge the ability to control your impulses. 

Mind Over Matter

Too often, when a man is having sex with their partner, their mind will be as congested as a highway during rush hour. What is the partner thinking? Is that smile or sigh of ecstasy genuine? Is my performance adequate? Such a thought process is natural, but it could very easily ruin the magic of the moment. 

Try to concentrate on a transcendental train of thought. Concentrate on how soft her skin feels beneath your fingers, or lose yourself in the music being played or analyze the scent of the candle. Focusing on one of our senses can often block out all of those other nonsensical thoughts. 

Communicate With Your Partner 

Communication is always the most effective way to tackle any problem concerning a relationship. A conversation about premature ejaculation is bound to be difficult. But once the topic has been discussed, the intense feelings of humiliation and frustration will certainly be eased.

During the conversation, one must be sure not to blame their partner or themselves. Assigning blame puts a defensive or offensive tone into the discussion. The last thing anyone wants is for this important conversation to devolve into an argument. 

If someone is brave enough to ask their partner for help in dealing with premature ejaculation, suddenly they are not alone. Any problem that deals with sexual dysfunction are more likely to be solved by a couple than by just one.

Behavioral Techniques

Many men visit doctors about premature ejaculation. Common treatments may include behavioral techniques. In fact, according to WebMD, 95% of men are helped with their premature ejaculation with behavioral techniques. Try masturbating an hour before intercourse. That way, someone might be able to delay ejaculating. 

Male Kegel Exercises

Muscles can regulate one’s ejaculation. For example, weak pelvic floor muscles may make it impossible for a person to delay ejaculation. Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the very muscles one needs to control ejaculation. Here is how one can perform Kegel exercises.

1 – Where are the pelvic floor muscles?

The pelvic floor muscles are easy to pinpoint. Next time you are urinating, stop midstream (it may sting a bit!) and acknowledge the muscles being used. These are the pelvic floor muscles. 

2 – Do the Kegel

Tighten these muscles, hold for three seconds and then relax for three seconds. Repeat a few times in a row. Try the exercise in different positions. Do the Kegel sitting, standing, and laying down.

3 – Extra

Try to tighten only the specified muscles, and not the thighs or buttocks, or abdomen. Also, try to do a set of Kegel exercises ten times a day.

Orgasm Denial

This technique could be the epitome of sexuality. However, in order to implement the technique, it requires a good relationship. Orgasm denial requires the ability to know a partner’s signs of arousals. In addition, in order to effectively execute an orgasm denial, one needs to know how to achieve such arousal.

Considering that all of that information is in the bucket – orgasm denial is one of the most climax electrifying tricks of the trade possible. Orgasm denial is to maintain arousal without allowing orgasm to occur. How long could you last? All good things cum to those who wait! 


A similar technique, appropriately termed the “Start-Stop” method, could be perfected alone or with a partner. Start-Stop involves stimulating the penis, just up UNTIL an orgasm occurs. At that moment, cease stimulation. Rest for as long as it takes to regain libido, and then do the process again. Lybrate

Use a Thick Condom

The idea behind using a tick condom is that a thick condom will allow a man to feel fewer sensations. Hypothetically, feeling fewer sensations will cause a man to last longer before ejaculating. There is no evidence behind this theory. 

The only way to see if it works is to strap on a premature ejaculation condom. Yes, there are such things! The science behind premature ejaculation condoms is that ejaculation only occurs once the penis gets stimulated and sends a signal to the brain. With a premature ejaculation condom, it will take more sensation to stimulate the penis. Promscent

Deep Breathing Technique

Breathing exercises have been helping mankind focus since the dawn of time. This extremely effective technique requires nothing but your breath. As mentioned earlier, most sexual dysfunction problems are mental. Therefore, the solution to most sexual dysfunction problems can be found in the mind. 

Some of these deep breathing exercises are used to calm oneself during a sexual experience. Specifically, if performed properly, they could help people learn how to not cum fast.  The exercise should last about five minutes, during which a man should spend five seconds inhaling a deep breath, then three seconds holding it, and then five seconds exhaling the breath. Focus on the breath going down the lungs and then back up. Such activity can help men with premature ejaculation. Lybate

Sprays and Medications

Sprays to treat premature ejaculation are actually quite popular. The effectiveness runs parallel to a thick condom. The gist behind premature ejaculation sprays is that by applying an anesthetic to the penis sexual sensations are less intense. This study, from 2017, concludes that premature ejaculation sprays can increase the time before ejaculation. Take with caution though, side effects such as irritation, redness, and itching may occur. Just to repeat, these side effects occur on your penis. Medical News Today

Fool Around With Foreplay

Foreplay is a mixed bag when it comes to premature ejaculation. Out of fear of ejaculation, most men suffering from the disorder, will avoid any foreplay and instead, immediately begin having intercourse. Every man must discover how much foreplay they can take. More foreplay often helps men with premature ejaculation, because it gives them more time to gain control of their emotions as opposed to hurriedly rushing through intercourse. 

How Does Ejaculation Work? 

Sometimes, an understanding of the science behind an ejaculation may help an individual with premature issues. 

  1. 1A guy is sexually stimulated.
  2. Stimuli, such as friction on the penis, sends signals through the nervous system for ejaculation.
  3. 3Muscles in the penis contract, dispelling sperm from the penis. At that moment, muscles in the neck of the bladder contract, to prevent semen from returning into the bladder.

So What if Someone Blew Their Steam Just as the Train Entered the Tunnel

Most people don’t even think of premature ejaculation as such a big deal. Just because someone came quickly, does not mean the party is over. Wait a minute! You are in that bed to please someone, and it is not yourself. According to this study, half of the women surveyed can not even experience orgasms through vaginal intercourse alone. 

This means, to truly satisfy a woman, the partner needs to get creative.  Don’t just blindly leap into bed and fornicate. Instead, spend some time building up arousal. Find new ways, other than intercourse, to provide satisfaction. It is easy to get intimidated by such a tall order. However, pleasing a woman through other ways besides intercourse can be achieved with oral sex, or maybe try to change positions.

Also, when someone prematurely ejaculates, sometimes, after a little time, the pistol is ready to fire again. Instead of calling it quits immediately after the misfire, experiment on other methods of sensuality. 

How Else to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Psychological therapy and medicine are the most frequently prescribed solutions for premature ejaculation. If the various methods provided in this article do not help one’s premature ejaculation problems, they should consider visiting a therapist. Sometimes, deep mental issues prevent individuals from experiencing the sexual performance. Most psychological issues will persist until the individual is able to acknowledge the issue. Quite often, therapy is the only way for this solution to occur.

GAINSWave Therapy Can Help 

A quick perusal online will provide countless solutions for any erectile dysfunction problem. Most of the time, guys just buy the quickest and cheapest solution. Anyone who performs a little research on the matter, however, will discover that none of these solutions are either approved by the Food and Drug Administration nor is there any “real” scientific evidence to back the solution up. 

GAINSWave uses the only device that has FDA approval to provide Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. That sentence alone should reassure anyone researching ways to cure sexual dysfunction problems. Click on this link to read the more than 30 scientific studies that all praise the benefits of GAINSWave. One will not see any scientific studies applauding these other erectile dysfunction solutions.

How could this be any better? The GAINSWave procedure is drug-free and non-invasive. The procedure is not more than fifteen minutes and takes place in one of our provider’s offices. Contact one of our providers today and tomorrow you will be a new man!

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