How to Navigate the GAINSWave® Portal

Time To Get Your Practice To The Next Level

Now that you have finished celebrating your GAINSWave membership, it is time to get acquainted with some of the benefits. Fortunately, you don’t need to go very far. All of the benefits can be easily utilized by entering the GAINSwave Portal.

Upon entering the Portal, at the very top right, you will see a bell icon, and a personalized greeting. The bell represents your messages, and by clicking on the greeting, you can personalize your account. We will touch on that in more detail below.

On the top of the screen are the tabs – HOME, SHOP PRODUCTS, FACEBOOK COMMUNITY, RESOURCES, and SUPPORT. Of the tabs that are not self-explanatory, FACEBOOK COMMUNITY instantly takes the member to the GAINSWave Facebook page, an excellent source for immediate answers and information.

The RESOURCES tab is a helpful collection of resources that any practice will need. For example, in this tab one could access common patient forms, manuals, staff education, sales scripts and so much more.

SUPPORT allows a member to contact GAINSWave directly.

Scroll down a bit, and you will discover the essence of your GAINSWave membership. Beneath the title QUICK ACCESS, one will find twelve incredibly useful icons. Let’s briefly go over each.

MY PROFILE – This is the same as the greeting icon mentioned earlier. On this page, you will articulate how potential patients will view you. Because this can be vital, GAINSWave will make sure that it looks the best it possibly can.

WEBSITE – GAINSWave has thousands of providers. The easiest way to display all of them, is to give them their own microsite. This site will feature all of your contact information, plus a link to your own website.

PENIS PUMPS – Another self explanatory icon.

PRINT SHOP – This page includes countless documents and products that will help you market your business. From business cards and brochures to bumper stickers and pens – this page covers all of your marketing concerns.

UNIVERSITY – The real businessman is always thirsty for new knowledge. Visit this page when you want to improve your business. This page has dozens of short videos covering all of your business concerns, such as ‘Designing a Patient Newsletter’ and ‘Blogging for Doctors’ to ‘Increasing Patient Referrals’.

ONLINE LEADS and PHONE LEADS – Arguably, these are the two most important icons on the page. Visiting these pages, allows users to inspect all of the leads provided by GAINSWave.

In addition to these icons, on the HOME page, there are links to several third party vendors, in which you could purchase necessary medicinal items.

Take your time and get familiar.

This portal will help take your practice to the next level.

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