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When a patient decides to seek GAINSWave treatments and searches the site for an able and experienced provider, the most qualified directory listing usually is chosen. As a result, a vital component of gaining patients is determined by the directory listing of the GAINSWave member. Although every provider has the ability to get their listing evaluated by a trained GAINSwave Readjustor, here are some tips to make an exceptional directory listing.

Let’s start with the bio, undoubtedly the most important feature of one’s directory listing. A bio in a directory listing should include one’s greatest accomplishments as well as their education. Imagine standing on a street corner and trying to convince people to purchase your skills. If your sentences were limited, what would you say? 

In addition, the bio should include some of your personal background information. Where are you from? Where did you go to school? By injecting some flesh and blood into the bio, that single paragraph becomes a person. A potential patient is more likely to see a doctor that they feel they know already. As opposed to a dry bio, consisting of mere facts, dates and places. Include all of your contact information, as well as your hours of operation.    

Spend a few dollars to get a professional picture taken. The most impressive bio will hardly be noticed beneath an unfocused photograph of an ill-shaven and poorly dressed provider. If you like the photograph, you could also attach it to some of the business stationery offered to GAINSWave members, such as brochures and business cards.

A good directory listing always contains a listing to the provider’s website. Whether you include it or not, if a potential patient likes your listing but can’t find your website link, they will assume that you don’t have one. Such a revelation could very easily make the potential patient skip over your listing.

Follow the few tips mentioned in this blog, and you will create a professional directory listing. Make your bio personable and accredited, your photograph professional and your contact information visible and you will have lines of patients outside your door!

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