How to Launch a New Cash Pay Treatment in your Practice

Flows Of Income

Unless you haven’t found out already, GAINSWave makes one’s practice much more profitable. For starters, GAINSWave members are able to offer an exclusive treatment that can successfully treat erectile dysfunction. As if such a dominant weapon was not enough to blow competition out of the water, GAINSWave is also supplying providers with patient leads, industry news, and marketing and sales strategies.

Another GAINSWave tactic that keeps those pockets brimming with greenbacks, is that GAINSWave services can only be paid for with cash. Some GAINSWave providers accept both cash payments and insurance payments, but GAINSWave can only be purchased with cash.

So what does this mean for a provider’s bottom line? How well will a medicinal service sell, if it can only be purchased with cash? Initially, a cash-only system may worry some providers. Perhaps patients will be hesitant to purchase something with their hard earned cash as opposed to having insurance pay for it.

This is not the case, especially with erectile dysfunction treatments, which are not always covered by insurance. GAINSWave treatment is not covered by insurance at all. As a result, if a man wants to treat their ED with GAINSWave, and there is no other choice, they will pay out of pocket.

Another great advantage that cash-only providers offer is price. Cash-only providers set their own prices. When insurance is a part of the picture, providers must offer services at insurance dictated prices, which are often quite high. Think about it – if insurance is paying for a procedure, the insurance will be paid on top of whatever the provider gets to keep. Don’t forget millions of Americans do not have insurance. For them, it would not matter whether a procedure is cash-only or insurance.

Don’t forget the time saved by not dealing with insurance! With no insurance administration chores to slave over, a provider can drastically reduced expenses. All of that time saved from wading through that murky ocean of insurance bureaucracy, can be spent dealing with patients. Thus, cash-only allows providers to spend more time with patients and save those patients money.

Launching a cash-only treatment in a practice is easy. Some providers are skeptical, because there is a fear of leaving the stable contract they might have with insurance companies. Going out on your own is always intimidating. Or even if a provider is just starting, insurance may seem like a tempting offer. However, the cash-only system will provide a stronger alternative, because the provider gets to construct the sales package, ensuring all of their patients are satisfied.

As a result, becoming cash-only is something patients would be happy about. Providers need to advertise their new payment system. If anything, the new payment system is a great excuse to contact the community. Providers can host an event over the payment change. A blast of emails, a brochure mailing, or even just adding the payment change to one’s website is usually enough to inspire the right amount of interest.



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