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The benefits that email automation delivers for a business are tremendous. If that business happens to provide medical services, the benefits are seemingly endless. Automatic emails allow a business to stay fresh in a customer’s mind, long after they leave the clinic. 

After spilling much blood, sweat and tears, you finally got your clinic’s website up! The website displays your contact information, the products or services you offer, and maybe the brand of your company. But a well-designed website, equipped with email automation, offers so much more.

What is Email Automation

The greatest aspect of a website is that it could be a portal between the business owner and their customers or patients. Email automations allow a steady stream of communication to exist automatically between you and your patients. The best part is that it is automatic, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

However, such invaluable communications will only take place once the customer’s email address is achieved. For most businesses, earning the customer’s email address is a daunting task. The customer must first ‘sign up’ to be a subscriber, in order to attain the address.

Medical practices are in a unique position. As soon as someone becomes a patient, they give their email address. As a result, every clinic should already have all of their patient’s email addresses. As every business knows, it is much easier and cost-effective to sell to current customers as opposed to attempting to find new ones.

How can Email Automation Help One’s Business?

With this auspicious list of email addresses, one can commence creating email automations. Even more advantageous, these emails can be sent to the right people at the right time. For example, John Doe just had his first appointment at Ultimate Clinic. When Mr. Doe checks his email, he finds a message from the clinic, asking to schedule his next appointment. Emails similar to this one, automatically go out to every patient seen at the clinic.     

Jane Doe is another patient at Ultimate. She was recently prescribed a new medication. She too gets an email from the clinic asking how effective her prescription is. Emails similar to this one, automatically go out to every patient prescribed medication.

By linking a businesses’ website analytics with their email marketing platform, current patients could be targeted according to their previous transactions. As a result, when the automatic emails reflect a patient’s specific history, the emails can become extremely individualized.

Two emails are sent to a person. One is part of a mass email. This message was sent out to thousands of addresses. The other contains the person’s name and is about a service that the individual has researched. Of course, the second one will get much more attention. According to MailChimp, 91% of consumers are more likely to hand money over to businesses that offer personalized suggestions. In addition, 72% of consumers only respond to messages that regard their interests.

Instead of sending emails about all treatments to all current patients, it is more effective to send each patient information on treatments that they are interested in. An email about the latest erectile dysfunction treatment will be opened by most male patients, but a female patient will discard it. Send her enough emails about erectile dysfunction, and there is a good chance that she will block the clinic from sending her any emails.

Advantages of Email Automations

The following are just a few advantages a business could capitalize on by sending out email automations.

To offer your patients the best possible treatments, you need to know exactly what they want. As soon as a new patient has signed up, an email could automatically be sent asking exactly why they are seeing you. Also, after a patient has had a visit, another email could be sent asking how the visit went and how it could be better. Such information is indispensable when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Birthday treats
As soon as you have a new customer, automatic emails will allow you to schedule a birthday message to be sent to them on that particularly fun day of the year. Be sure to include some birthday discount or special that would compel them to return to your office.

Some people have foggy memories. With automatic emails, you could send reminders to previous customers. Businesses that provide health services are at another advantage because health maintenance must be regularly checked.

Promote blogs
Every regenerative health clinic should have a blog. Current patients would be interested in the topic, and so would potential patients who are interested in the topic and hence, reading the blog. Every time that a new blog is written, be sure to send current patients an email containing a link to the blog.


The art of business is to lure a potential customer into a sale. Kind of like fishing, where one tosses out the bait, lures the fish and then reels it in. By maintaining a steady stream of communication with a patient, automatic emails do all the work for you. Give it a try.

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