How to Cum More : Easy and Effective Techniques to Try

We live in the Age of the Penis. New therapies and technologies can spice up the bedroom for an 80-year-old man, more than a bottle of Chianti could do for Douglas Fairbanks. To wake up one morning, and see this colossal tower sprouting from your pelvis should compel awe, not fear. 


After all, the single anatomical feature that should inspire pride in every man, is our penis. But just because we found the totem pole, does not mean a rain dance is about to commence. That rusted plumbing might need a little polish to produce an ample stream of love juice.


Read this article to discover how to increase your semen volume. A few very simple lifestyle changes can be the difference between a five percent chance of rain and monsoon. In fact, if someone can make these easy lifestyle changes, they will save money, become healthier, and also have more satisfying sexual experiences. 

What is a Normal Sperm?

People with low sperm count are less likely to fertilize their partner’s egg. As a result, low sperm count often results in infertility problems. Even if your semen volume is ample, if it is not healthy sperm, it may not be able to make the daunting journey from your partner’s vagina to her fallopian tubes. 

How Does a Doctor Determine the Quality of One’s Sperm?

There are three measurements doctors figure when analyzing the health of a man’s sperm.

  • Quantity 

This figure is determined by the number of sperm in one’s semen volume during ejaculation.

  • Movement 

Also called motility, this measures how fast the sperm moves from point A to B – with B being your partner’s egg.

  • Structure 

Normal sperm should look like tadpoles, with long tails and egg-shaped heads. If one’s sperm looks different, it may not be able to swim as efficiently or as quickly thus, treating infertility issues.

How to Produce More Cum: Naturally?

For the first several millennia of civilization, erectile dysfunction was just an unfortunate and inevitable way of life. But now, we don’t have to get old! Technology and medicine have given us the Fountain of Youth. Everything from enhanced erections to increased semen volume can be achieved with the proper medicinal touch, just look at this GAINSWave website to learn how far society has gone to enhancing sexual activity.


But how far we have come in ensuring that you cum very far, is more about lifestyle changes than it is about the latest technology. Some people may require more elaborate technology, as illustrated further in the article, but most men are able to increase their semen volume through natural and simple methods. 


Before one starts changing their lifestyle in hopes of discharging more, it is important that our expectations are anchored in reality. After watching porn on their smartphones, most men expect a Mount Vesuvius eruption to be the final result. According to a World Health Organization report, the average amount of ejaculation is between three and five milliliters, which is about equivalent to a teaspoon. Ron Jeremy, eat your heart out! Plus, as we get older we ejaculate less. The following suggestions are a few simple, and not so simple, lifestyle changes that could increase semen volume.


Masturbate less often

Heh! We didn’t say that everything on the list will be fun. If you are serious about increasing your semen volume, you have to make some sacrifices. Whether or not you need to quit masturbating so much is debatable. It is true that the more one masturbates the less sperm count and quality they possess. But the body produces sperm every day. 


In fact, a full sperm regeneration cycle, spermatogenesis for the laypeople, takes about 64 days. During this process, one’s testicles are producing several million sperm per day. Such astounding numbers don’t look so good when you discover that in just one milliliter of semen, there could be 20 to 300 million sperm!


Also, going a long time without masturbating does have its risks. According to one ominous study, no ejaculation at all can actually cause fertility complications. In addition, when a man goes a long time without masturbation, he may become depressed. 


Get more exercise

So many studies suggest that exercise increases a man’s semen volume and quality, that such a solution is difficult to ignore. According to these studies, at least half an hour of exercise, implemented three times a week, can boost a body’s sperm count. 


Don’t overdo it though. Too much exercise can be bad for our semen volume. The trick is to do the right amount of exercise consistently. The boost that exercise can give to our sperm is temporary. So, if someone wants to preserve these benefits, they need to keep exercising. WebMD


Get enough Vitamin D

To refresh what we have learned so far in this article, motility is the efficiency with that sperm travels and seeks out a fertile egg. Several studies, including this one, conclude that vitamin D is positively associated with sperm motility for the body.


Sperm motility is a fragile thing. Too much vitamin D can actually cause harm to sperm motility. According to these findings, vitamin D consumption increases calcium levels in sperm, which in effect, results in better sperm motility. 


Quit smoking

If you needed one more reason to quit smoking, how about increasing your fertility? Smoking affects the fertility of both men and women. As a result, if both partners consume tobacco regularly, the chances of infertility are doubled.


Harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke, like nicotine, cyanide, and carbon monoxide are lethal to the body, but also contribute to killing off eggs. Once an egg is gone, it can not be replaced. As a result, women smokers generally experience menopause a number of years younger than those who do not smoke.


Smoking in men will affect all three of those measurements that doctors use to analyze semen – quantity, movement, and structure. Remember, a sperm is like a tadpole, with an egg-shaped head and a long tail. This design allows it to efficiently swim through your partner’s body. Smoking produces more abnormally shaped sperm, resulting in more sperm being unable to make that final sprint. 


According to, whether you have smoked for a month or for half of your life, as soon as you stop smoking, your sperm becomes healthy. Don’t think to yourself, you have been smoking for so long, you are beyond repair. Sperm maturity takes about three months. Hence, if you quit smoking today, as well as heed the other suggestions in this article, your sperm should be kicking in three months. 


Consume less alcohol

In moderation, everything is good. Alcohol use in moderation, for example, does not impact your sperm count. Unfortunately, however, most men consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol. According to the Centers for Disease and Control, five or more drinks of alcohol within a two-hour window – a drink being a shot, a beer, or a glass of wine – can be harmful to the sperm in a body. More than fourteen mixed drinks in a week can lower testosterone. In 2016, a study by the Centers for Disease and Control revealed that nearly 23% of men consume an average of eight drinks per sitting, multiple times a month. 


An unhealthy consumption of alcohol affects a man’s fertility functions in several ways.


  • Negatively affects a man’s hormonal levels, such as testosterone, estrogen, follicle-stimulating hormones as well as luteinizing hormones.
  • Alcohol can cause early ejaculations.
  • Alcohol can shrink our testicles.


In addition, like the effects of tobacco, alcohol can produce abnormally shaped sperm, which will affect motility, and decrease the likelihood of the sperm being able to properly navigate to your partner’s fallopian tubes. Vertavahealth


More water means more babies

Water really is the nectar of the gods! It seems that every day we hear another health benefit of consuming water. When it comes to fertility for men, dehydration can decrease sperm quality, as well as cause a marked decrease in the amount of sperm. 


Dehydration causes blood vessels to contract. As a result, when the mind sends critical messages to the penis about getting hard and ejaculating, they will have a much more difficult time moving through clogged blood vessels as opposed to unclogged blood vessels. 


GainsWave is a treatment that uses high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to increase blood flow to the penis. Many of the erectile problems listed in this article can be rectified with such treatment. Don’t take my word for it. Read the numerous clinical studies as well as the countless success stories that GainsWave Therapy has produced…


What Impact Does a Healthy Diet Have on Sperm Production?


It might be difficult to believe that the food you eat can affect your sperm count, but a healthy diet is one of the best fertility medicines a man can take. Like any internal organ, our reproductive system depends on the nutrients and vitamins that we consume. For example, a healthy diet can increase the production of testosterone in a man. As a result, sperm count, motility, and quality all increase as well. The following are a few foods that are believed to increase one’s semen volume.



Leafy vegetables, such as spinach, are a rich source of folic acid. Folic acid is crucial for healthy sperm development. In one study, zinc and folic acid resulted in a 75% increase in sperm count in sub-fertile men.  Nefertility



Eggs are bursting with protein and are also very high in vitamin E. The nutrients in eggs promote healthier sperm. In addition, these nutrients increase sperm’s motility.



Bananas are packed with nutrients vital for the production and maintenance of healthy sperm, such as A, B1 and C. Bananas also have this rare enzyme called bromelain, which is believed to benefit fertility. According to this study, bromelain consumption increases testosterone levels. 



Kiwis have particularly high levels of vitamin E and C. These vitamins are proven to increase a man’s sperm count, but when they are consumed together, the effects are magnified.


Zinc-rich foods

This study, entitled Zinc is an Essential Element for Male Fertility : A Review of Zn Roles in Men’s Health, Germination, Sperm Quality and Fertilization, concludes that zinc is essential in maintaining the stability of sperm.


A Dutch study, published in an issue of Fertility and Sterility, examined the effects of folic acid supplements and zinc supplements. A group of men, who were suffering from fertility issues, took these supplements every day for 26 weeks. As a result, they had an increase of 74% in normal sperm count. 


Dark Chocolate

Sometimes, dark chocolate is the only afternoon delight we can find. In that case, enjoy the amino acid named L-Arginine HCI, which is proven to increase sperm count and quality.



Remember – leafy green vegetables are good for semen. Asparagus is exploding with vitamin C, which is great for the production of healthy semen.



Though this study only contained thirteen infertile patients, the results concluded that vitamin C supplementation might increase sperm count, sperm motility, and the shape of the sperm. 



Garlic provides countless health benefits – one of which is its blood cleansing abilities. Garlic can eliminate buildup in our arteries. Above, the article mentioned how an erection as well as how to cum more is crucial to how efficiently blood flows in our bodies. 


Bee Pollen

Bee pollen contains essential amino acids, vitamins A, D, K, E, C, B3, B5, and bioflavonoids. Bee pollen is also used by many insect species for food because it contains all of the necessary components for life. According to this study, bee pollen causes an increase in testosterone in male rats. 


Other Easy and Effective Ways to Go from Sprinkler to Typhoon


Sometimes, we need more than a change of lifestyle to enhance our sexual drive. GainsWave Therapy, also called shockwave therapy, is drug-free and non-invasive. Using low-intensity sound waves, plaque formations in blood vessels are broken up, while the growth of new blood vessels is stimulated. 


More than 30 clinical studies conclude that shockwave therapy is effective in increasing blood flow to the penis.  



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