How to biohack your libido, desire, arousal!

On this week’s episode of the Genetic Genius Podcast, Susan Bratton, joins to discuss how to biohack your way to a better love life with expert tips on libido, desire, arousal, soulmate connection and much more. Susan is a renowned intimacy expert, best-selling author, and CEO of two companies, Personal Life Media and The20.

Susan is a passionate advocate for those who desire intimacy and passion throughout their entire lives. She has dedicated her career to helping people improve their relationships and sex lives by providing valuable insights and techniques for enhancing sexual vitality.

During this conversation, Susan shares her expertise on the various issues that women face with their libido and provides practical tips for increasing libido. She also explains the difference between matriarchal and patriarchal sex and the importance of understanding the connection between the mind and body in order to improve relationships and overall happiness.

One of the key topics discussed is the arousal matrix and the soulmate embrace. Susan emphasizes the importance of understanding the connection between the mind and body to achieve a deeper level of intimacy and passion. She also encourages listeners to create a sex life bucket list to prioritize their sexual health and fulfillment.

Susan also believes that sex should be considered one of the pillars of health and that by prioritizing our sexual health, we can improve our overall well-being. Her passion and expertise on this topic are truly inspiring, and I highly recommend listening to this episode to gain valuable insights and tips on how to biohack your way to a better love life.

You can find Susan’s work and resources on her website,, and her shares on Instagram @susanbratton, and her lust-for-life supplements, FLOW and DESIRE at Don’t miss out on this informative and engaging episode of the Genetic Genius Podcast!

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