How to Bio-Hack Male Sexual Performance With Funk Roberts & Dr. Gapin

When we talk about men’s health, we readily conclude it’s the current state of their physical, mental, and emotional conditions. But there’s a very important aspect that is not so openly explored, which is their sexual health. It’s a physical condition by nature, but it also governs the alpha male’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

In this episode of The Over 40 Alpha Podcast with Funk Roberts, Dr. Tracy Gapin shares his expertise on how alpha males can achieve optimum health. He explains why a comprehensive approach is necessary to achieve high performance and address erectile dysfunction for the long term.

“There are lots of potential causes of ED and TESTOSTERONE can play a BIG part there. You need healthy, optimal hormone levels to achieve a good erection.”
—Dr. Tracy Gapin

Discussed In This Episode:

  • Explore the 2 different approaches in addressing erectile dysfunction and find out which approach is more beneficial to the alpha male.
  • Understand how erectile dysfunction can impact men’s overall health and how the proactive, comprehensive approach can improve sexual performance and sexual health.
  • Dr. Gapin explains what erectile dysfunction is all about and cites the importance of “treating with intention” and “diving deep into the roots,” especially where testosterone is involved.
  • Get to know the different treatments and tools available today that can give speedy solutions to sexual problems and why these technologies only work for the short term.
  • Find out why “we are all guinea pigs” and how we can apply the N1 performance health into the core of how we work out our health issues.

You can stream this episode on iTunes by CLICKING HERE or watch the segment below!

What you should know about Funk Roberts: 

At 51 years old, Funk Roberts is owner of Funk Roberts Fitness Inc. – The Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood, FunkMMA and Funk Supplements Inc

He is a former Professional Beach and Indoor Volleyball Player turned Certified Personal Trainer, Certified MMA Conditioning Coach (MMACA) NESTA, Certified Master Metabolic Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, Core Conditioning Specialist- NESTA, Kettlebell Training Specialist, TRX Approved, Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

He is also the creator of Over 40 Alpha Membership for Men Over 40, which is a monthly membership website with over 5000 members, dedicated to helping men over 40, 50 and 60 excel in, health, fitness, weight loss, business and life through new monthly workouts, programs, nutrition info, exclusive products, motivation, master classes, community and more.

Funk is an 2X Amazon #1 Best Selling for New Book “Over 40 Shred” and Co-Author for ‘Rapid Body Makeover” and has appeared as a Fitness and Celebrity Expert on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX TV affiliates and has been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Train Fitness Magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine.

Funk has helped fighters prepare for battle in most of the major MMA and Combat promotions including UFC, OneFC, Bellator, WSOF, KSW, Glory Kickboxing, RFA, AFC, Lion Fight, K1, ADCC, Grapplers Quest and many other organizations making him one of the strength and conditioning leaders in the combat sport community.

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