How Often Should A Man Ejaculate: Health Benefits Of Ejaculation

How often should a man ejaculate? Most people relate ejaculation to getting an orgasm. However, a times men get to orgasm but fail to ejaculate. Several people ask the question of how often should a man ejaculates to be expected. Ejacu-lation has some health benefits, and scientifically ejacula-tion is good for your health.

There is no specific frequency with which a man should ejaculate. There is no solid evidence that failure to ejaculate causes health problems. However, ejaculating frequently can reduce the man’s risk of getting prostate cancer. Ejacu-lation can be through having sex or masturbating a few times a day.

Are There Any Reasons To Control Your Ejaculation Frequency

You might be asking yourself how often do men ejaculate. The question will help you know whether your ejacu-lation frequency is normal and whether you need to control it. You might think that maybe you do not have enough sex, have too much sex, or you are masturbating a lot.

There are no ‘normal’ times that you should ejaculate, and therefore there are no reasons to control your ejacu-lation. Ejaculating more frequently has more health benefits.

The average number of times you ejaculate varies with your age, relationship status, and health. According to the 2015 sexual exploration study in the US, ejacu-lation is frequent among men aged 25-29. When they get to 30, the frequency decreases slightly, and it keeps dropping as they advance in age.

Is Semen Retention Healthy

Semen retention is whereby a man avoids ejaculating for a while. You might achieve semen retention by abstaining from sex and masturbation, stopping sex before the point of ejacu-lation, or training your body to achieve orgasm without ejaculating. There are no scientific pieces of evidence to prove whether semen retention is healthy or unhealthy.

When you retain semen, the body breaks it down then reabsorbs it into the body. However, most people believe that semen retention boosts the man’s physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Nevertheless, some complications might occur due to semen retention, and they include:

  • Epididymal hypertension- this is whereby someone becomes aroused but fails to reach orgasm. When it happens for a while, you might feel pain on the testicles due to blood build upon the testicles during arousal.
  • Ejacula-tion issues- if you intentionally avoid ejaculating for a while, you might develop ejacu-lation issues. Ejacu-lation issues will make it hard for you to ejaculate when you want to, or you might have premature ejacu-lation.

Is Ejaculating Once a Day Too Much

There is no too much or less ejacu-lation. Nothing wrong happens when a man ejaculates once a day. As long you are not a sex addict or have chronic masturbation, there is no harm in ejaculating daily. Actually, ejaculating daily does your body better than harm. Ejaculating daily will release stress, boost your moods, and also helps in the release of old semen so that new semen gets a room.

When you release sperms, your body releases dopamine and oxytocin hormone. Dopamine is a hormone released when experiencing pleasure, and it boosts your moods. Oxytocin is a hormone that reduces levels of stress.

Can You Die From Ejaculating Too Much

There is nothing like ejaculating too much. You cannot die because of ejaculating too much, and your body will never run out of sperms. Your body releases millions of sperms, and ejaculating once a day will not make you have fewer sperms. If you have a normal sperm count, then there is no harm in ejaculating every day.

The problem will come in when you have too much sex or masturbation. Too much sex might cause friction burns, and it would be best if you use lubricants.

Health Benefits of Ejaculation

Apart from pleasure, ejaculation is beneficial to your health. That is why there is not a standard number of times you should ejaculate. In fact, there are several positive health benefits of ejacu-lation. Here are some of the health benefits of ejaculation.

How Ejaculation Effects Your Body

Ejacu-lation is a result of sex, and sex is a form of physical exercise. Your body becomes active during sex, making it healthy. Also, ejacu-lation releases oxytocin which helps you control your stress levels. Stress is not suitable for your body, and it might lead to depression.

Additionally, ejacu-lation relaxes your body, making you have a quality sleep. Quality sleep makes you from tension and makes your body healthy and strong to face the next day.

Ejaculating Helps Your Heart

Sex and ejacu-lation are a vital part of your life. During ejacu-lation, your heart rate increases, and the lungs beat faster, increasing blood flow in the vessels. Increased blood flow helps maintain stable blood pressure and thus reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Studies have shown that men who have sex at least three times a week have a low probability of getting heart diseases than men who have sex once a month or abstain.

Ejacu-lation Helps in Cancer Prevention

Scientists have proven that ejacu-lation lowers the chances of prostate cancer. Studies show that men who ejaculate at least 21 times in a month, whether through sex or masturbation, have a 31% lower risk of getting prostate cancer. The study on how often do mean ejaculate got information from questionnaires where men answered about their frequency of ejacu-lation, which makes the data valid.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, Do They Really Work

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep an erection throughout sex. There are various treatments for erectile dysfunction, and they do work. First, you need to take care of your heart, eat healthy, work out, avoid smoking, and reduce alcohol intake. Alternatively, you might take drugs that will help you maintain an erection.


From the article, we get the answer to the question, how often should a man ejaculate. We learn that there is no specified number of times a man needs to ejaculate to be healthy. Also, too much ejaculation is not unhealthy, and you will never run out of sperms because your body produces millions of sperms every day.

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