How Effective is a Vacuum Erection Device?

Penis pumps have been around for a long time. An American physician named John King, invented this brilliant contraption in 1874 that would produce an artificial erection. A glass vacuum device would be placed over the penis. The device would force blood into the shaft of the penis, causing it to swell and become erect. However, John King’s invention was only capable of fleeting ecstasy, because when the glass tube was removed, the erection would instantly dissipate.


It was not until a few decades had passed that Otto Lederer perfected the erection enabler by adding a compression ring to be used together with the vacuum. Otto has spent his life as a mechanic, working on automobiles. So when he became older, and hoped to rekindle a lost love affair with his wife, the equipment between his legs refused to abide.


Otto owned a retread tire business. Thus, he was very familiar with the process of evacuating air from tires. So familiar in fact, that throughout the years of working alone in the back of the tire shop, there must have been a few evenings that he experimented with his own penis. In the early seventies, Otto patented what most would recognize as the penis pump of today. 


Can a Penis Pump Make a Penis Larger?


Penis pumps will not make one’s penis larger. Once the device is removed, the penis will return to its regular size. One needs to learn some good spells and curses to magically make one’s penis larger. 


GAINSWave treatment is the only way to actually make a penis “appear” to be larger. By clearing out the blockages within the blood of the penis, the penis will appear to have enlarged. But it is still the same size. 


How Does a Vacuum Erection Device Work?


  • Here is a summary of the instructions that came with Otto’s pump gun.


  • First, add some lubrication to the base of the penis.


  • Place a cylinder over the penis. Be sure to apply light pressure against the body.


  • Place the end of the tubing that is coming out of the cylinder into one’s mouth.


  • Begin sucking on the tubing, as if drinking a thick milkshake.


  • Inside the bubble, which is holding one’s penis, the air is removed and vacuum-like conditions pull blood down the penis and create an erection.


  • When the desired state has been achieved, the user would push a rubber band from the base of the cylinder, so that now that rubberband is firmly wrapped around the base of the user’s penis.


  • With rubber band in place, release the vacuum and remove the cylinder. 


Problems with the Vacuum Erection Device


According to WebMD, studies reveal that 50-80% of men who use vacuum constriction devices were satisfied with the results. In addition, vacuum devices are safe and could be used by those suffering with erectile dysfunction for a number of reasons. 


Vacuum Erection Devices are safe, easy to use, and most importantly, they help a man with sexual dysfunction have sex. But the problem with the vacuum erection devices is the same problem with popular erectile dysfunction medicines. They may help for the night, but the next morning, the individual’s impotence will still remain.


GAINSWave Shock Wave Treatment


Unlike a vacuum erection device or Viagra, GAINSWave is the only erectile dysfunction treatment that actually improves blood flow and hence, promotes healthy erections years after the treatment.


According to more than 30 clinical studies, GAINSWave Shock Wave treatment works. Erectile dysfunction treatment is very important. Don’t be lured into those bright neon ads, with cheap prices and bold promises. Do your own research. Follow the advice of science.


GAINSWave is a safe and effective treatment, plus it is non-invasive. An individual would just meet with a nearby provider a few times in their office. About 20 minute treatment sessions would consist of the provider running a device against the individual’s penile area. The device would remove plaque from the blood and promote the creation of new and healthy blood vessels. As a result, blood flow to the penis would improve.




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