The History of Erectile Dysfunction and Its Most Bizarre Treatments

The history of erectile dysfunction treatments is a strange and rocky road. Today, men can actually undergo safe and effective treatment to cure themselves of this terrible condition. A few decades ago and even a few centuries ago, men had to resort to weird and harmful techniques in order to overcome ED. Unfortunately though, not until the recent groundbreaking shock wave technology, solutions were humiliating at best and life-threatening at worst.

Although ED can be cured in a GAINSWave providers office, men are still risking their manhood. For example, a recent news story details a guy who showed up in the emergency room, complaining of difficulty urinating.

Turns out, a few weeks earlier, the guy and his partner tried to get rid of his erectile dysfunction by inserting a tube connected to a can of waterproofing spray, into his urethra. While the tube was in his urethra, by accident, his partner hit the button and shot undisclosed amounts of foam into the man’s body.

Desperate situations, like the inability to get a hard-on, often make men do desperate things. In the past, men were easily duped by that slick-oil peddler, in the past.  Any erectile dysfunction cure seemed worth a shot, without the guidance of science. The history of erectile dysfunction treatment tells us a lot about history. It also confirms that you are not that different from your horny great great grandfather – both will make great sacrifices to be able to slash that sword dangling between your legs.

History of Erectile Dysfunction – Ancient China

Traditional Chinese medicine used to cure impotence thousands of years ago, ironically, might be the most effective solution, pre the 21st century. Ancient Chinese ED cures involved acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Acupuncture certainly won’t cause any harm, but the ingredients of this ancient Chinese love potion, serve the same benefits as today’s most popular ED medicine, like Viagra and Cialis.

Berberin comes from the root of rhizoma coptidis. According to a University in Wuhan, China, berberine effectively induces relaxation of the corpus cavernosum, thereby permitting more blood into the penis. Viagra is an effective ED medication because it does this as well.

A traditional Chinese herb used to treat ED contains Icariin as an active ingredient. According to another Chinese study, Icariin inhibits PDE5 activity, preserving nitric oxide synthase. Icariin can improve erectile dysfunction in rats. In addition, the component can increase testosterone in rats with damaged reproductive systems.  

History of Erectile Dysfunction – Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians were the first recorded society, certainly not the last, to blame impotence on an evil spell. One cure for impotence was to crush the hearts of baby crocodiles and rub the remains on the deflated penis with a lotus flower. 

Ancient Greece

The earliest written evidence of using foreign substances to aid a man’s impotence comes from Theophrastus’ Enquiry into Plants, (c. 370 – 287 BC). In this text, he boasts of a plant that could be plastered to one’s penis and produce an erection strong enough to have sex with as many women as he wants *. The Greek physician Hippocrates blamed impotence on horse back riding, according to the LA Times.

History of Erectile Dysfunction – Middle Ages

In 1487, the Dominican inquisitor Heinrich Kramer published Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches). In the text, any man who has impotence needs to track down the woman (witch) that had cursed their penises. Then, just ask them to restore their fertility. Doubtful any of these conversations went swimmingly.

Victorian era

Scholars believed that impotence was caused by a lack of sperm. As a result, masturbation was a big no-no. According to an article in the Journal of Nephrology, in the 19th century, erectile dysfunction cures included electrically stimulating one’s scrotum until pain was inflicted and flagellation with leather strips.


Shock wave therapy took thousands of years to arrive, but finally, a man has an effective ED solution. Don’t waste time and money on a treatment that may work. GAINSWave treatment has gained the approval of science. Read the more than 30 clinical studies that all verify GAINSWave treatment is the best option available.

Not only is GAINSWave non-invasive and effective, but the treatment is simple as well. GAINSWave requires individuals to go to a provider’s office a few times, for fifteen minutes to half an hour. Click this link and contact a GAINSWave provider today and hop on the road to erectile recovery!

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