How Men With ED Can Provide and Achieve Sexual Pleasure

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which you are unable to get or keep an erection firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. You may find it difficult to talk with a health care professional about ED. Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. (source)

Erectile dysfunction is nothing unusual. Approximately 30 million men in the United States suffer from this condition, according to a website of the US Department of Health and Human Services. However tragic this figure may be, the real tragedy is the number of men who think achieving or giving sexual pleasure is impossible when suffering from erectile dysfunction. 


There are no words to describe the ecstasy experienced during sex. When a man fires his jackhammer and unleashes his love potion, he sustains the epitome of bliss. Let’s not forget that intercourse (usually) involves two people. As a result, the only thing as important as achieving sexual satisfaction is giving it.

Maintaining a healthy relationship requires sexual intimacy. Couples with more sex have more love and respect for each other. Conversely, the less sex a couple has, the more likely it is that their relationship will end in divorce. 


Maintaining a healthy sexual relationship can become increasingly challenging as a couple ages. As men age, they are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, women improve their sexual function as they age. Thus, it is highly likely that any couple, let alone a marriage, will encounter some type of sexual problem.

A man should understand that just because a broken piece of equipment hasn’t been in use for a decade, he can still provide sexual pleasure to his partner. Here are a few ways to ensure that love light is always shining upon you.

Quality Time Spent Together Could Result in Sexual Pleasure

Undoubtedly, most guys skipped this section as a result of the sub-title. The fact that you are reading is very encouraging. There are sexual activities impotent men could perform, but if the relationship is healthy and lively, sex will be infinitsemally more spectacular. In other words, sex after dinner and some television is good, but compare that to sex after dancing at the local bar or horseback riding or a swim in the ocean or even just a long hike.

Few activities can improve a relationship more than new adventures. Especially, if this adventure is something you and your partner are interested in. Take a trip somewhere neither of you have ever been. This does not have to be a major expense. The cost of a full tank of gas is all that is needed to visit the closest national park or monument. Regardless of how long you might have lived where you do, or how well you know the area, there is definitely a cool place driving distance away, that you or your partner have never been to.

Quality time together is more about the relationship than the activity. Playing a new board game or listening to a new album could be just as exciting for one couple as scuba diving or rock climbing is for another.

In addition, by engaging in a new activity, memories are created, giving you and your partner a brand new topic to discuss. Undoubtedly, such activity will improve a relationship, which will indirectly, improve the sex life.

Trying Something New in the Bedroom

Ever since civilization started, a man’s true creativity is best seen in the bedroom. For example, the ancient Chinese Fangzhongshu is a set of Taoist sexual practices, that scientists today conclude are effective and safe ways to deal with premature ejaculation. Lets not leave out the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian Sanskrit text about sexuality. 

Kissing, caressing, genital touching and oral stimulation are all effective ways to experience sexual pleasure regardless of an erection. The tongue is the second most orgasmic part of the body. Even the most impotent man can use his tongue fine. As with all skills, practice makes perfect.


Although here are plenty of ways for someone with erectile dysfunction to dispense sexual pleasure, nothing is more effective than intercourse. Lucily, there are many solutions to champion impotence. Though, according to science, none are more safe and effective than GAINSWave therapy. Just click on this link to read more than 30 clinical studies that all promote GAINSWave.

GAINSWave is a different sort of erectile solution. The most popular solutions, like Viagra and Cialis, are seemingly effective because they increase blood flow, which in turn, causes an erection. But the next morning, impotence is still present. GAINSWave high-frequency and low-intensity sound waves to remove plaque from the blood and also stimulate new and healthy blood vessels. As a result, the blood is permanently fixed, allowing strong and healthy erections tonight, tomorrow and years to come!

The first step is clicking on this link and contacting a nearby provider.  


How Men With ED Can Provide and Achieve Sexual Pleasure?

How Men With ED Can Provide and Achieve Sexual Pleasure?

Kissing, caressing, genital touching and oral stimulation are all effective ways to experience sexual pleasure regardless of an erection.

How to Help Arouse a Man With Ed?

How to help arouse a man with ED?

Try something new. “Very often a big, big first step is just enhancing arousal,” says Doctor Kerner. This can mean ramping up foreplay, reading or watching something sexy together, or coming up with a suggestion for something you haven’t tried before, says Dr. Kerner.

How Do You Make a Man With ED Feel Good?

How do you make a man with ED feel good?

Boost your intimacy Encourage more kisses, cuddles, hand-holding and non-penetrative sex. He might feel cuddling is pointless if it can’t lead to sex. Show him how good it can feel, even if it doesn’t end in an orgasm.

How to Have a Sexual Relationship With ED?

How to have a sexual relationship with ED?

7 strategies for partnering up with ED
Discuss the issue.
Find the right time to talk
Reassure your partner that he is not alone
Learn about the condition and treatment options
Offer to go with your partner to his doctor’s appointment
Help your partner help himself
Express your love in many ways

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