Get On The Upward Pleasure Spiral Interview ft. Susan Bratton

Todd’s interview with Susan Bratton is one you do not want to miss.  She is a sex expert extraordinaire.  They covered important subjects on sexual wellbeing, debunking many myths about sex, how to turn sex into lovemaking and the many ways you can enhance your sex life.

We guarantee you will learn things you have never heard before.
Her knowledge is based on many years of studying research and applying it to her own life as well as the lives of thousands of people across the continent.  She is passionate as a speaker and is genuine in her desire to help you have the best possible sex you can have.

Listen to the interview and you’ll learn  the secrets to sex that keeps getting better your whole life long right here.

Learn more about Susan Bratton
A frequent and riveting speaker from the stage, on television, on podcasts, summits, in online video, and through her thousands of magazine and website articles, Susan invites lovers to embrace giving and receiving pleasure as a vital element of being alive.

Susan believes that shame-free, frequent sexual pleasure is every man and woman’s birthright.

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