Avoiding Prostate Cancer and Making More Testosterone Naturally

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Dr. Geo Espinosa

Naturopathic Functional Medicine Physician

Prostate problems are NOT inevitable! You are not your father. Nor do you live in his era of medical treatments. These days you can find out if you have the genes that signal a potential future problem with prostate cancer. And you can follow simple lifestyle habits that prevent prostate and urinary issues.

Dr. Geo is a naturopathic doctor with an expertise in men’s urogenital health. In this segment, you will discover how to increase your own testosterone naturally, or use testosterone therapy safely. You’ll understand why having some estrogen is vital, and what ratio of testosterone to estrogen is generally optimal. You’ll learn what the #1 exercise is to improve your testosterone, what to eat and how to rest so that you are optimally producing.

Find out the latest on aromatase inhibitors, what reducing DHT makes your prostate grow, and why 5-alpha reductase inhibitors may be a bad idea. You’ll find out more about the connection to PSA and testosterone replacement. And most importantly, why testosterone is VITAL for a healthy man to have.

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