Gathering Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials can really make or break a practice. You have never had a disappointed patient. They all trust every word to come out of your mouth. And when you tell your patient to change their diet or exercise more, that afternoon, they are adhering to your instructions. Everyone in town is your patient and everyone in town could not pour enough praise on you. But word of mouth only goes so far. Your website illustrates your exceptional staff and your effective services, but in today’s competitive world it isn’t enough to just pat yourself on the back. Every health provider website needs patient testimonials.

Patient testimonials are the most effective form of advertising. Here is my patient and read what they said about my services. Before selecting a doctor, most consumers will inspect the patient testimonial pages of nearby health providers. If the site does not even have a patient testimonial page, that could be enough for the consumer to eliminate that provider. 

Keep the following tips in mind, and you can have the most effective patient testimonial page in the area!


Identify the Reviewer as Much as Possible

Nothing flashes ‘fake review’ more than a first name byline. Any praiseworthy reviewer would support your practice enough to have their full name on your website. Ideally, include their full name, age and location. 

The most persuasive reviews are authentic as well as relatable. A potential patient reading your reviews may be more likely to become a patient if they see the reviewers live nearby or are of the same age.


Always Have Written Consent

This one goes without saying. Always ask a patient for their permission to use their review on your website. After all, these testimonials are essentially advertising. Using someone’s review as an advertisement without their permission could very likely get you in hot legal trouble.


If you have Many Good Patient Testimonials, Allow a Bad One or Two

The best part about a patient testimonial page on your website, is that you choose which ones get posted. Of course, you will want as many positive reviews as possible. However, if you have a nice supply of favorable testimonials, your page will appear more authentic if you post a few negative ones. A testimonial page with a hundred five star reviews is great, but at the same time, such a page may lose credibility. 


Include Patient Testimonials from a Variety of People

As mentioned above, a relatable testimonial is very effective, because that potential patient will be more likely to step into your office if they see that you have other patients their age or from where they are.

For example, a teenager will be hesitant to go to a doctor whose testimonial page only includes people sixty and over. In the same vein, try to include a wide spectrum of people of different colors and genders. 


Try to Avoid One or Two Sentence Patient Testimonials 

The greatest thing about a patient testimonial page, is that you get to choose which reviews are posted. A great review is persuasive, however a heartfelt review is moving. The ideal review will stay in a person’s mind. Who are they? What problem forced them to your office? How did you resolve it? What was the outcome? How did the results make the patient feel?


During Visit, be Cognizant that you Will Ask for a Review

If you are in need of good reviews, while you are seeing the patient, be cognizant that you will be asking them for a review. Make them feel comfortable. Ensure that they get the best possible service. In such a case, you are guaranteed an awesome review! 


Have your Patient Testimonials Reflect your Strongest Assets

What separates you from other competitors? For example, does your practice provide excellent service but at a lower cost than the rest? This could be a crucial selling point to someone reviewing your site. Make sure patient testimonials reflect such strengths.




A patient testimonial page could be the greatest form of advertising for some practices. Upon visiting a practice’s web page, potential patients will care more about what patients have to say about a doctor than what the doctor has to say about themselves. A patient testimonial page is extremely important, but luckily, it is not so hard to make the page effective and persuasive. 

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