Dr. David Cunningham Joins GAINSWave as Clinical Advisor

GAINSWave® is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. David Cunningham as official Clinical Advisor. Dr. Cunningham is a Family Physician and Regenerative Medicine Specialist in Mansfield, MA with over 20 years of practice experience. He has spent the past two decades helping men and women get the most out of their bodies, using an innovative blend of Lifestyle and Regenerative Medicine in his approach to longevity and health. As GAINSWave’s Clinical Advisor, Dr. Cunningham will be assisting with development, enhancement, and approval of clinical protocols and procedures in addition to advising on medical education geared to the continuous improvement of high patient outcomes, safety and efficacy.

ED doesn’t only affect a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom. It plays a vital role in his confidence, happiness, marriage, and how he carries himself,” said Dr. David Cunningham. “As a GAINSWave provider for several years I have been fortunate to help many men restore their vitality, confidence, and performance. As National Clinical Advisor, I’m looking forward to assisting more of my peers do the same.

GAINSWave was created so that men can experience safe and effective Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for men’s sexual optimization from highly trained medical providers. We are excited to have Dr. Cunningham onboard with us as we continue to improve patient benefits and extend the reach of our therapy treatments throughout the nation,” shared GAINSWave CEO, Mark White.

When not in the office or on the road training his peers, Dr. Cunningham enjoys spending time with his family or pursuing his personal passions as a drummer and avid long-distance cyclist.

GAINSWave®, the leader in sexual wellness, is an all-natural solution that addresses the root cause of ED by utilizing Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Soundwaves (Li-ESWT) to remove micro-plaque, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, and improve blood flow. The GAINSWave network consists of over 400 medical professionals across the nation who specialize in providing patients with natural solutions for ED. Thanks to the numerous clinical studies on Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (Li-ESWT), clinically proven data confirms that the therapy improves not only Erectile Dysfunction symptoms but also sexual performance.

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