Exercises That Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can occur for several different reasons. Heart disease, high cholesterol, smoking, metabolic syndrome, low testosterone, high blood pressure, obesity, Peyronie’s disease, just to name a few. Ironically, many of these causes are as a result of our own bad lifestyle choices. Eating right and living healthy are often successful erectile dysfunction remedies. Certain exercises can also be very beneficial.


An unhealthy diet, smoking, and drinking alcohol will all negatively affect a human’s blood circulation. Nicotine causes a body’s blood vessels to either constrict or narrow, limiting the amount of blood to reach certain organs. Excessive alcohol will cause veins to constrict, also limiting the amount of blood flow. A bad diet will cause cholesterol to line the walls of our arteries.


Understanding Why the Right Exercises Can Help


If blood circulation is not flowing properly, when the brain sends a signal to the penis to erect, nothing will happen. After consuming cigarettes and alcohol and Twinkies for thirty or forty years, a toll must be paid.


However, there are several solutions – and all of the effective ones go to the meat of the problem. If someone is not getting an erection because of their improper blood flow, the only feasible solution is to improve the blood flow.


A consultation with any doctor will illustrate the available solutions. According to this page, more than 30 scientists and medical professionals agree that shockwave treatment is the most effective solution for treating erectile dysfunction. Not only is the treatment non-invasive, fast and effective, but it is also considerably less expensive than other options.


For some patients, if the erectile condition is not too bad, a simple change in diet or exercise will do the trick. Reviving certain muscles in the body can be important in maintaining an erection. In addition, by strengthening some muscles, an increased flow of blood will reach the penis. Read this article to learn about Exercises that Increase Testosterone.


The following are exercises that put pressure on a man’s penile veins, which in turn, prevent blood from leaving the area. Before we get to the list, realize that any workout aimed at improving one’s erectile dysfunction will be working out the pelvic muscles. These are the muscles you clench when you really have to pee, between the tailbone and the public bone. These muscles support the bowel and bladder.


Exercises with the Pelvis


The first move allows an individual to get acquainted with their pelvic muscles. Lie down on the floor, with arms at your side. If possible, bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. If not, just lie there. Exhale deeply and count to five. The muscles you feel being clenched are your pelvic muscles.


Now sit down, with your feet on the floor and your arms dangling at your side. Exhale again and count to five. Stand up and do the same thing – exhale deeply and then count to five.

The cool part about pelvic muscles is that once an individual can recognize how to clench the pelvic muscles, they could work them out in class, in bed, or while watching a movie. 


GAINSWave Shockwave Therapy


In terms of erectile dysfunction, many individuals are beyond the point in which all they need to do is to quit smoking, or drinking or eating poorly, to rekindle that Excalibur between their legs. For those men, luckily there is an effective solution.


As mentioned earlier, the efficacy of GAINSWave Shockwave Therapy is validated by the scientific and medical community. The treatment uses high-frequency and low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis. By running the machine over the skin of a man’s pelvic area, micro-plaque is removed from the blood and new and healthy blood vessel growth is stimulated. 


There is no harm in contacting a nearby provider. After all, for anyone struggling with erectile dysfunction, learning about the safest and most effective solution could be a good thing. Click this link to contact a nearby provider. 


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