Everything You Need to Know About the Penis and Its Anatomy

“Us men spend so much of our lives obsessing about our penises and other sexual organs, but how much do we really know? I am a board-certified urologist specializing in sexual medicine for 25 years. I have straightened penises, scoped penises, injected penises, circumcised penises, and placed implants in penises. I have repaired fractured penises, fixed erections that won’t go down, treated dog and human bites, removed crack pipes up the urethra (yup), and even repaired attempts at self-removal (oh no!) and self-circumcision (really). The truth is usually stranger than fiction.” – excerpt from PornHub.com

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In this in-depth article featured on PornHub’s Sexual Awareness website, Dr. Brandeis dives deep into the penis and its anatomy.To learn more about the inner working of your little friend, and how outside variables affect its performance, CLICK HERE to read the full article.



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