What Is the Most Effective Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that can affect men at any age. There are many different forms of treatment available for erectile dysfunction, including medication, but medication is not the only treatment. The first step in determining the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is understanding the underlying cause of the disorder.

Types of Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Cialis®, Levitra®, and Viagra®

Viagra® is the most commonly associated medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. It was introduced in 1998, and since that time the number of men who are diagnosed with ED has risen nearly 250%. Levitra® and Cialis® are similar medications. These drugs are called phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors and work by increasing the blood flow to your erection. These medications often come with side effects, such as headaches and nasal congestion. In addition, if you suffer from any type of heart disease, you cannot use these pills as they can cause the blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels, according to a study in the BMJ.

Penile Injections

Alprostadil is a drug that is injected directly into the penis in order to create an erection. For those who cannot take oral treatment, an injection directly into the penis is another option. Some of the side effects associated with a penile injection include a burning sensation around the penis. In addition, some men may suffer from priapism, an erection that goes on for over four hours and requires immediate medical attention.


Muse offers a dissolvable pellet that is inserted into the urethra. The urethra is the opening of the penis. The pellet will trigger an erection within just ten minutes. Typically, the erection will last for up to an hour. Muse comes with some unpleasant side effects, including burning, minor bleeding, redness, and an aching sensation.

Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is a popular choice among men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It works by placing a plastic cylinder over the penis and then pumping the air from the cylinder in order to create an erection. Once you have an erection, you slide an elastic ring to the base of the penis to keep it. Some of the side effects associated with using this method include bruising, numbness, and weak ejaculation. The ring also has to be removed after just 30 minutes.

Surgical Implants

There are two surgical implants that may offer a solution to erectile dysfunction. A pump can be implanted in the penis to create an erection by pumping fluid inside cylinders that are placed in the penis. The second option is a malleable prosthesis that will direct the penis into a position that can be used for intercourse. Both of these options come with several risks, including infections and a mechanical breakdown.

Sex Therapy

If erectile dysfunction is caused by fear, anxiety, or depression, using medication will not help. Often, if a man is suffering from a psychological condition or emotional issue, the best and most effective treatment for their erectile dysfunction will be a combination of medications along with sex therapy, couples therapy, and individual therapy provided by a licensed sex therapist.

Male Hormone Therapy

For those who suffer from low testosterone, male hormone therapy may be an option. However, this type of hormone therapy only increases desire and does not help increase the blood flow to the penis, which is the reason men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Your doctor may check your blood for low testosterone, but low testosterone is rarely a cause for erectile dysfunction, which means that male hormone therapy is likely not going to help cure the symptoms of the disorder.

GAINSWave® Therapy

GAINSWave® is a procedure that uses sound waves in order to improve sexual function in men. This form of treatment can be used for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease. During the procedure, the plaque formation found in blood vessels is broken up. The growth of new blood vessels in the penis is stimulated as well. This will increase the flow of blood to the penis, which will improve sexual function.

Additionally, GAINSWave® will activate the growth of nerve tissue within the penis. The process is not invasive and uses low-intensity sound waves. For those suffering from erectile dysfunction, this may be the best alternative to invasive surgery or taking a medication that may cause many side effects. It also offers one of the safest and most effective treatments for erectile dysfunction.

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