How to Improve Blood Flow to the Penis

Insufficient blood flow to the penis is a common cause of erectile dysfunction, or ED. Without enough blood going to and remaining in the organ during sexual activity, a man might be unable to achieve an erection, maintain an erection, or become hard enough for penetration. If you improve blood flow to the penis, it can possibly address all of these issues.

Men over the age of 30 often wish for a better sex life. Shockwave treatment could be the answer they are seeking. Mild acoustical waves that do not cause any discomfort are used to re-energize the penis using this kind of therapy.

A study published in Therapeutic Advances in Urology supports that shockwave therapy is very effective. The therapy works by stimulating the body to release its own growth factor. This growth factor leads to the development of new blood vessels in the penis. Increased blood flow in the penis causes stronger erections of greater duration. Some men experience enhanced tissue growth, meaning that the therapy increased the size of the penis.

Who Can Undergo Shockwave Treatments

Any man can use shockwave therapy. Whether men have erectile dysfunction or they simply want to make their sex lives even better, shockwave therapy can help.

Some men might not be able to take ED pills because they take other medications, like nitroglycerine or blood pressure medicine, or they have an underlying medical condition like liver or kidney disease. Shockwave treatments could be the right treatment for their ED.

How Erectile Dysfunction Can Affect a Man’s Life

Many who struggle with ED say that they feel “less of a man” than they did in their youth. They worry about the dissatisfaction of their partner. Being unable to perform sexually can erode a man’s self-confidence, leading to less success on the job and troubled relationships.

How Shockwave Therapy Works

If you are interested in methods used to improve blood flow to the penis, shockwave therapy may be an option. As a man ages, his blood vessels that supply the penis with the blood it needs for nutrients and performance can deteriorate. Shockwave therapy can restore the blood flow that the old, damaged vessels used to deliver.

Shockwave therapy applies soundwaves in focused pulses to penile tissue. The waves “wake up” dormant substances in the organ, causing the penis to grow more blood vessels and additional erectile tissue.

Shockwaves also remove plaque in penile blood vessels, reducing micro scar tissue and successfully treating conditions like Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease can cause decreased blood flow to the penis and ED.

How Peyronie’s Disease Harms Blood Flow to the Penis

Peyronie’s disease is a condition that causes painful curvature of the penis. It can be impossible to achieve an erection or too painful to engage in sexual activity. With Peyronie’s disease, scar tissue develops on the penis, leading to uncomfortable lumps or bumps. Although the lumps do not turn into cancer, they can disrupt a man’s sex life.

Peyronie’s disease is not contagious. The scar tissue forms because of damage to the penis from injuries, vigorous athletic or sexual activity, or because of autoimmune disorders or other medical conditions.

Shockwave therapy can reverse Peyronie’s disease by breaking down the scar tissue, releasing growth factors, and stimulating the development of new blood vessels.

PRP Therapy

PRP means plasma-rich platelets. A doctor can draw some blood and concentrate the platelets and growth factors in a man’s blood. Then, he or she can inject the PRP (called a P-Shot®) back into the patient. The P-Shot® promotes healing, which can intensify the results of shockwave therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy for Peyronie’s

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) renew themselves, which means that they can make more stem cells to provide continuing restorative benefits. Because they are unspecialized, these stem cells can transform themselves into any kind of specialized cells that the body needs. These cells can recognize the scar tissue in the penis and remove it.

Depending on the severity of the Peyronie’s disease, sometimes a doctor may integrate MSC treatments with shockwave therapy for better healing.

GAINSWave® Therapy Can Help a Man Restore Blood Flow to His Penis

If men want the sexual performance and stamina that they had as younger versions of themselves, they owe it to themselves to check out shockwave treatments from GAINSWave® therapy. There are GAINSWave therapy providers across the United States for patients’ convenience. Each treatment takes only 20 to 30 minutes.

GAINSWave treatment has little or no side effects. The procedure is entirely non-invasive. A GAINSWave therapy provider performs the treatment in the office. Patients have little or no downtime. The therapy is pain-free, surgery-free, and drug-free. Even men for whom other ED treatments did not work can achieve success with this soundwave treatment.

A man does not have to accept a diminished sex life as inevitable. Before he gives up on having the sex life of his dreams, he should visit the GAINSWave® therapy provider directory.

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