How Long Does Shock Wave Therapy Take To Work?

The time that it takes for shockwave therapy to work will vary from one man to another. Some of our patients report significant improvements after only one treatment, while others undergo multiple sessions. Several factors can affect how long it takes for shockwave therapy to work, like a patient’s age, medical history, and severity of erectile dysfunction (ED).

The standard number of treatments to achieve one’s goals is typically around 6 to 12 sessions. We can provide maintenance sessions as needed after a man completes his initial round of treatments. The results may last for two or three years.

An Overview of GAINSWave® Therapy

If one is seeking a treatment for ED that doesn’t involve prescription drugs or painful, invasive procedures, GAINSWave® therapy might be the answer. This treatment uses shockwaves to activate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Don’t be alarmed by the term “shockwaves.” Our treatments are absolutely pain free.

These acoustic waves:

  • Stimulate the body’s growth factors to grow new penile tissue, which can increase the fullness and length of the male sexual organ.
  • Can promote the growth of new blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow to the penis for firmer, longer-lasting erections.
  • Break down micro-plaque in the penis. Left untreated, micro-plaque can build up, forming lumps and bumps, even resulting in a decrease in size.

The GAINSWave® treatments are clinically proven to work, with little or no known side effects. There are no hospital visits or extensive recovery periods. Our providers perform the 20- to 30-minute sessions in the office, and then patients can go about their business.

Anyone Can Benefit from Sound Wave Treatments

There are two categories of men who can benefit from GAINSWave® therapy: men who live with ED, and men who want to “bio-hack” their sexual performance to a new level.

How Shockwave Therapy Treats ED

Insufficient blood flow to the penis is one of the common reasons for ED. As a man ages, the blood vessels in his penis start to deteriorate and work less efficiently. With less blood circulating through the organ, an erection can be difficult or impossible to achieve or maintain. When the penis grows new blood vessels, the blood flow to the sexual organ can increase, restoring sexual performance.

Peyronie’s disease is another reason that some men experience impotence. A man can develop scar tissue (micro-plaque) under the skin of the penis. At first, the scar tissue isn’t noticeable, but as the micro-plaque accumulates, the penis can form an extremely curved shape. Erections and sexual activity can become painful or impossible. A man can lose the ability to father a child through intercourse.

The penis can develop fibrous bands, lumps, or bumps with Peyronie’s disease. Shockwave therapy helps the body dissolve the fibrous scar tissue and treat this condition, helping to restore a man’s sex life.

How Biohackers Use Shockwave Therapy

Many people use technology to enhance their lives in both personal and professional areas. Now, technology is allowing individuals to boost their sexual performance. After all, a healthy sex life is an essential component of a successful life.

Men are using shockwave therapy to optimize their bodies and reach peak performance. If a man wants to enhance his sexual experiences and maximize his ability, he might want to explore the potential of biohacking erections and endurance through GAINSWave® therapy. Some men find that their penis grows larger with these treatments.

The Benefits of GAINSWave® Therapy

In addition to what GAINSWave® therapy can do physically, one might find his self-confidence soar after receiving this treatment. Shockwave therapy can be a viable option for men who haven’t experienced the results they desired from other types of ED treatments.

Many men can’t take pills like VIAGRA® if they have certain medical conditions, or if they take alpha-blocker drugs or nitrates (like nitroglycerine). Some men who can’t take ED pills can have shockwave treatments without risk of adverse reactions. GAINSWave® therapy has little or no side effects.

Also, if one relies on ED pills to have an erection, the drug may not work instantly. It could take 15 minutes to 36 hours to see results. With shockwave therapy, one doesn’t have to sacrifice spontaneity or ruin the moment to take a pill.

How to Get Started

There are GAINSWave® therapy providers all over the United States. Click here to find a provider today. Don’t waste another day with disappointing sexual performance. Call us today for a free consultation.

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