Does GAINSWave Technology Work For ED?

Yes, GAINSWave technology can work for erectile dysfunction (ED). GAINSWave therapy is a revolutionary treatment that can restore male sexual function. This procedure uses sound waves to stimulate growth factors in the penis and promote increased blood flow throughout the organ.

As men get older, the blood vessels inside the penis begin to break down. This can result in the inability to maintain an erection firm enough for sexual activity. Soundwave therapy helps initiate the growth of new tissue inside the penis, rejuvenating erections and performance.

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In the past, men who suffered from ED had few options. They could take pills or use awkward devices, all with limited success. While VIAGRA® has long been used to treat ED, it doesn’t work for everyone. Men with low blood pressure or taking certain medications aren’t viable candidates for this drug and may see improvements through GAINSWave therapy.

ED Affects Men All Over the U.S.

The University of Utah notes that erectile dysfunction in men is relatively common, with more than 15 million men nationwide afflicted with complications relating to ED. The International Journal of Impotence argues that this number may, in fact, be much higher due to under-reporting of erectile dysfunction among men with unrelated urologic conditions and when taking into account that many men don’t openly discuss sexual complications with their doctors.

Some of the contributing factors of this condition may include:

  • Age
  • Preexisting health conditions, such as diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Psychological issues
  • Certain medications, including some antidepressants

ED can greatly decrease a man’s quality of life. Being unable to start a family or limitations to romantic relationships can cause significant psychological distress.

According to a study on self-esteem, confidence, and relationships in men treated with sildenafil citrate for erectile dysfunction published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, ED can cause:

  • Depressive symptoms
  • Anxiety regarding sexual performance
  • A decline in self-esteem and confidence
  • Decreased quality of romantic relationships

There is no need to live with this condition when there are treatment options available.

How GAINSWave® Works

GAINSWave therapy doesn’t use any drugs. For this reason, many men who weren’t viable candidates for VIAGRA® may benefit from this procedure. GAINSWave therapy uses high-frequency, low-intensity soundwaves to promote sexual health while causing minimal discomfort.

Unlike some other ED treatments, GAINSWave therapy is entirely non-invasive. This treatment takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes with no downtime. The working man barely has to take any time out of his hectic schedule to reap the benefits of this cutting-edge procedure.

GAINSWave therapy is designed to activate dormant stem cells within the penis to promote the growth of blood vessels while breaking down any scar tissue that impedes sexual performance. These sound waves also promote growth factors within the body to encourage blood flow throughout the organ. Penile blood flow is key to optimal sexual performance.

GAINSWave Therapy Can Treat Peyronie’s Disease

GAINSWave therapy may also be used to treat men who are suffering from Peyronie’s disease. This condition stems from traumatic injury to the groin that can result in excessive scar tissue forming beneath the surface of the penis. In an attempt to repair itself, the organ takes on a curved shape that makes penetrative sex difficult. If caught early, GAINSWave therapy may be able to break down this scar tissue before a man experiences any severe symptoms.

Men with ED Can Also Benefit From the P-Shot®

GAINSWave therapy can also be used in combination with other procedures to bring about desired results.

The Priapus Shot®, also known as the P-Shot, can be used alongside GAINSWave therapy to promote sexual wellbeing. This injection uses platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own bloodstream to encourage penile tissue growth and size. Although some men may object to having shots administered to this sensitive area, a numbing cream is applied beforehand to reduce any discomfort caused by the procedure. Depending on a man’s overall health condition, he may see results that can enhance the way he experiences sex. Because this treatment is created using a patient’s biological matter, the side effects are minimal.

Find a GAINSWave Therapy Provider Today

A man doesn’t have to be diagnosed with ED to benefit from GAINSWave therapy. Anybody who is seeking to boost their sexual performance may see an improvement in their sex life after a few treatments.

ED doesn’t have to dictate how a man chooses to live his life. By speaking with a medical professional, one’s sexual performance can be greatly improved when deciding to experience GAINSWave therapy or the P-Shot. Providers of these treatments can be found nationwide. To learn more, contact a GAINSWave therapy provider near you today.

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