What Are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

The exact cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) varies on a case by case basis. Some men lose the ability to get an erection because of their age, while others may experience ED because of underlying health issues. According to the University of Utah Health, over 18 million men nationwide struggle with complications relating to ED. The prevalence of this issue lends itself to many different treatment options, ranging from prescription drugs to corrective surgeries, that are designed to promote sexual performance.

ED Affects Men Differently

ED is defined by a chronic inability to achieve an erection satisfactory for sexual activity. It is not uncommon –– in fact, it is normal –– for some men on occasion to be unable to keep or maintain an erection. However, marked impotence that prevents sexual intercourse is what qualifies as ED.

Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction include the following.


As people age, their bodies start to deteriorate and become more at risk for certain health complications. In fact, according to the Turkish Journal of Urology, the likelihood of a man developing ED increases by 1.2% per year once they hit 40 years old. Once a man reaches 60, this percentage quadruples. Lower testosterone levels, clogged penile blood vessels, and other factors that come along with aging make a man more at risk for impaired sexual function.

Lifestyle Choices

Simple lifestyle choices may lead to a man developing ED. Being overweight can cause a restriction of blood flow to the entire body, including blood flow to the penis. Along with the health hazards that come along with alcohol consumption and high caloric intake, these elements also affect male potency. Many men find that a simple change in diet remedies any issues they have relating to self-confidence and sexual satisfaction.


If a man suffers from diabetes, there are several other health issues that he may experience as well, including ED. As a diabetic, making changes to your diet and exercise habits is important as this will help to maintain blood sugar levels. Insulin plays a key role in a man’s ability to have an erection, and any imbalances could impede sexual activity.

High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

European Cardiology Review notes that ED and cardiovascular issues are interconnected. This is because these conditions often impede blood flow throughout the body, which may prevent a man from maintaining an erection. An estimated 50% of men who have coronary artery disease also suffer from ED. Prompt medical attention can bring to light any treatment options you may have for not only your heart health but for your sexual health as well.


Many men may not know that smoking can also lead to ED. Andrologia reports that the reason why ED and smoking are related is that the inhalation of certain chemicals decreases blood flow throughout the body. By quitting smoking, some men are able to find that not only are they at a decreased risk of developing certain diseases but they may also see an improvement in their sexual performance.


There are medications that are available that may cause a man to experience ED. Some of the drugs that are linked to ED include opioids, antidepressants, antihistamines, and medicine used to help with acid reflux. Recreational substances such as marijuana and alcohol may also be an underlying cause of ED.

Mental Health

When it comes to being able to get and maintain an erection, your mental health plays an important role. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, ED is linked to men with high levels of depression and anxiety, which then, in turn, contributes to feelings of low confidence and self-esteem. This is because both a man’s physical and mental functions must work together to promote sexual activity. Any impairment of the two has the potential to interfere with a man’s sex life. Seeking therapy or other medical advice may go a long way when it comes to treating the issues related to ED.

Getting Help For ED

Although millions of men nationwide suffer from ED-related complications, there is help available. GAINSWave® therapy offers a noninvasive treatment option that is designed to relieve symptoms stemming from ED. This procedure uses high-frequency, low-intensity soundwaves to break apart penile scar tissue and promote blood flow, all performed in-house within a half hour.

After completing their GAINSWave treatment regimen, some patients have reported:

  • Stronger orgasms
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Improved quality of romantic relationships
  • Elevated penile sensitivity
  • Frequent erections
  • Decreased performance anxiety

Designed for the modern man on the move, GAINSWave therapy is transforming the lives of those suffering from ED nationwide. Find a GAINSWave therapy provider near you today.

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