What Are the Common Misconceptions About Erectile Dysfunction?

There are almost as many myths about the causes and treatments for erectile dysfunction as there are men who suffer from ED.

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Here are some of the more prevalent misconceptions, according to the Cleveland Clinic:

Myth: Tight Underwear Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

The boxers versus briefs debate rages on. Although some makers of boxers might like you to think that their undershorts will help men with ED or that wearing “tighty-whities” will cause you to experience trouble in the bedroom, tight underwear does not contribute to erectile dysfunction.

The causes of ED include psychological issues. If a man convinces himself that tight undies will result in erection problems, he might, indeed, find himself impotent, but the situation will be ED by the power of suggestion, not underwear.

Myth: Erectile Dysfunction Is a Normal Part of Getting Older

Reaching a certain age does not automatically result in lost erectile function. Many men in middle age and beyond retain some degree of sexual function.

The mature male might have fewer erections that require more time to achieve than in his youth. He might need more foreplay and direct stimulation than he required earlier in life. Also, his level of arousal can be weaker due to life changes like hormones.

Myth: Most Men Never Have ED

Actually, the opposite is true. Almost all men experience erectile dysfunction from time to time. According to Cleveland Clinic, more than half of men between 40 and 70 years of age have ongoing ED issues. If you struggle with achieving and maintaining erections, you are not alone.

Myth: Recreational Bicycle Riding Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

If you ride a bike in moderation, cycling will not affect your sexual function. If you ride a bicycle for long distances, you should take occasional breaks. Be sure to use a bike and seat designed for a man to ride. Bicycling can cause discomfort, but moderate bike riding will not lead to ED.

Myth: Only Older Men Experience ED

A man can experience erectile dysfunction issues at any age after puberty. Many younger men struggle with premature ejaculation, but they can also have instances of ED as well. Many factors can affect a man’s ability to perform sexually.

Now, for some correct assumptions about ED:

Fact: Your Prescription Drugs Can Give You Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, the pills that your doctor prescribed to treat another condition could make you impotent. If you have concerns about whether your medications are the culprit in your ED, you should ask your doctor or pharmacist. We cannot list all of the offending drugs here, as Cleveland Clinic reports that more than 200 medicines can cause impotence.

Fact: Psychological Issues Can Cause ED

The Mayo Clinic has noted that instances of ED can also be tied to psychological issues. Once you address those factors, you might find yourself enjoying a noticeable difference.

Fact: Smoking, Drinking, and Doing “Street” Drugs Can Make You Impotent

According to Healthline, smoking tobacco or other substances can contribute to ED, as can consuming a heavy amount of alcohol or using illegal drugs.

Some of these substances can damage your blood vessels with abuse or long-term use. Some of these things can limit the amount of blood flow to the penis. Without plenty of blood flow, erections are elusive. Having that extra drink, pill, or smoke to relax you or put you in the mood might prevent you from being able to be sexually active.

Fact: ED Can Cause Problems for Your Partner

No, impotence is not contagious in the medical sense of the term. Still, denying the problem, avoiding intimacy, or failing to communicate can damage the relationship and cause your partner to have low libido. Your partner might blame themselves and feel unattractive.

Fact: You Should Get Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

With so much at stake, you should get a medical evaluation and treatment if ED happens more often than not, or if you find yourself avoiding intimacy out of fear of performance issues. If your ED is not that frequent, but you or your partner are unhappy about the situation, you might want to explore your treatment options.

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