How Can a Diabetic Overcome Erectile Dysfunction?

If a diabetic experiences erectile dysfunction (ED), a two-fold approach can help him regain his sexual health. One, he needs to do everything he can to get his diabetes under control, and two, he can undergo treatments like low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-ESWT). LI-ESWT is a painless, drug-free therapy that does not involve surgery and is safe for diabetics.

Diabetics Struggling With ED Are Not Alone

Many diabetics struggle with erectile dysfunction. Between 35 and 90 percent of men with diabetes have the condition from time to time or more frequently. High blood sugar levels can lead to changes in both large and small blood vessels. Diabetes can damage the nervous system as well, making it difficult to achieve or maintain a firm enough erection to engage in sexual activity.

According to Cleveland Clinic, uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many severe complications, like amputations due to poor wound healing, vision loss, and damages to the nerves throughout the body, particularly in the arms and legs.

Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar readings) can also affect someone’s ability to be sexually active. A man might need to tackle his diabetes aggressively to protect his health and lessen his likelihood of ED, as well as other complications of the disease.

How LI-ESWT Can Help to Restore Sexual Function in Diabetics

LI-ESWT is an exciting alternative treatment in which a doctor applies painless soundwaves to the exterior of the penis. The device activates dormant components within the organ and reawakens its potential. Men already have the stem cells and growth factors they need, but they go dormant over time.

Soundwave therapy triggers the tissue to release the growth factors that cause penile tissue to grow new blood vessels. Increasing the blood flow within the penis makes it possible for men to achieve stronger erections that last.

How LI-ESWT Is Safer Than Many Other ED Treatments

The old standby treatment for ED is to take pills like Viagra®. However, a doctor might tell patients that it is not safe for some people to take Viagra and similar drugs because of diabetes. Soundwave therapy does not pose any risk of harmful side effects for diabetics. If a man cannot take oral ED pills or those drugs did not work for him, LI-ESWT could be the answer.

All drugs have side effects. Unlike ED pills, shockwave treatments have little or no known adverse reactions. Also, pills only provide temporary relief — they do not repair the underlying cause, the damage inside the penis. With any ED pills, there can be a wait time of 15 minutes to a day and a half before users see results. The next time a man wants to have sex, he will have to go through that waiting game again.

Additional Advantages of LI-ESWT Treatments

There is no downtime with soundwave therapy. Right after a session, which takes place in the office of a highly-trained provider, a patient can walk out the door and get right back into his ordinary schedule. Moreover, with shockwave therapy, the results are long-lasting. A man does not have to take drugs whenever he wants to have sex. Because the penis becomes healthy again, it simply works.

How Soundwave Therapy Helps Patients With Peyronie’s Disease

LI-ESWT also “wakes up” the stem cells to heal damage inside the organ, like the scar tissue that leads to Peyronie’s disease. With this medical condition, micro-plaque builds up over the years until it forms scar tissue, lumps, and bumps that twist the penis into a severely curved shape. Erections can be painful or impossible.

Peyronie’s can rob a man of the ability to father children through sexual intercourse. Soundwave treatments break up the scar tissue and help the body grow healthy new tissue in its place. Soundwave treatments can reverse impotence from Peyronie’s disease.

“Bio-Hacking” Sexual Performance With LI-ESWT

LI-ESWT therapy works so well that quite a few men use the treatments to “bio-hack” their bodies to achieve stellar sexual performance. These men do not have diabetes or erectile dysfunction and also know that shockwave therapy is clinically proven to optimize sexual performance. LI-ESWT can even make a man’s penis grow longer and thicker.

What GAINSWave® Patients Say About Soundwave Treatments

You do not have to take our company’s word for how well GAINSWave® works. Here are some examples of what patients say, from the testimonials page:

  • “If you want something more than acceptable and you want exceptional instead, GAINSWave® can provide amazing results.”
  • They have “tried other treatments that did not give them the results they wanted. ED gave them confidence issues. GAINSWave® was the best thing they tried. Nothing else has even come close to the results with GAINSWave®.” They are now “confident, energetic, and no longer depressed about life.”

GAINSWave® is available at offices with trained providers all over the United States. You can scroll through the provider directory to find a provider near you.

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