Erectile Dysfunction Cures NOT to Try at Home

*** At-home erectile dysfunction cures could be quite messy. Do not read this article directly after consuming food. The content could cause someone to get nauseous and vomit.

Thanks to technology, or maybe to medicine, or maybe just to capitalism, but today those afflicted with erectile dysfunction have plenty of treatment options. Be wary, my determined consumer. On his quest to break this ED curse, he will undoubtedly discover that not all of these treatment options work. In fact, most of these options are wastes of money at best and hazardous to one’s health at worst.

But in today’s world, what sells and what works are two different things. 

A romantic evening has just transpired. A man and his partner ate a delicious dinner. The more love sonnets to spew from his lips, the more lustful the two of them become. And then, they retreat to the bedroom….

What seems like a perfect evening can instantly deflate, once erectile dysfunction becomes a problem. So he jumps out of bed and races to the nearest convenient store or gas station, if it is too late. Forced by desperation, the man buys whatever ED remedies are available. 

None of the treatments in aisle 8 are backed by science. None of these treatments guarantee anything, but to drain one’s bank account. 

Sadly, this story is how most men treat their erectile dysfunction. If he is lucky, the chemicals that he consumes gets him hard for that evening, But the following morning, he is back in the same pickle.

Blow Away the Foam and See What is Really Down There

One situation published in Urology Case Reports, typifies the damaging consequences that desperation will drive some men to treat their erectile dysfunction. A 45 year old man, unnamed for the sake of his faltering manhood, arrived in the emergency department suffering from hematuria and difficulty urinating. Hematuria is the presence of blood in one’s urine.

A little background on this gentleman is necessary. For a while, he and his partner had been trying a variety of techniques to cure his erectile dysfunction. One of these solutions, perhaps discovered in the wrapping of a piece of candy, was to insert objects into his urethra. 

Three weeks before entering the emergency department, his partner had inserted a straw into his urethra. The straw was connected to a can of weatherproofing spray. While the straw was situated in his partner’s urethra, he undoubtedly was very nervous, but for whatever reason, he accidentally pressed the button, shooting uncomfortable amounts of foam where foam has no place being. 

Understandably, the man with the penis filled with foam, began to experience difficulty and pain, which progressively became worse.

The surgery was a difficult one. After a cystotomy, the surgeons were able to remove the foam from the man’s bladder. However, removing the foam from the man’s urethra was not possible this way, as a result of the urethra’s narrowing, most likely caused by scarring from stuffing other objects up those darkened canals. 

The foreign objects were eventually removed from his urethra. But, from when this article was written, the man still requires further operations to repair his urethra.

Other Popular Erectile Dysfunction Cures Can be Just as Bad

Hopefully, most guys reading this article would never try to treat their erectile dysfunction by inserting objects up their urethra. However, just because the treatment is sold at a pharmacy and wrapped in colorful packaging, does not mean it is any less harmful. After all, any health condition is serious, and should be treated so. 

Even popular erectile dysfunction cures like Viagra and Cialis, can result in severely damaging consequences. An article in Retinal Cases, for example, details a man who purchased a bottle of sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. After chugging the bottle, the man’s outer retina and cone cells were damaged, making the world permanently appear red.

GAINSWave is Safe, Quick and Scientifically Approved

Let’s face it, few things in life are as important as the dependability of a man’s penis. Therefore, it seems preposterous that a man would experiment with slick-oil treatments to repair something as important as his sex life. 

GAINSWave is one ED solution that, according to more than 30 scientific studies, actually works. Shockwave therapy uses the only instrument approved by the FDA.

GAINSWave treatment has the approval of science as well as the FDA. No other erectile dysfunction cures can boast of such accolades.

Plus, the procedure is non-invasive and simple. Six to twelve sessions, each lasting about fifteen to twenty minutes, all in the comfort of the provider’s office.  

Take the Next Step


As with every obstacle in life, the first step is always the most important. As soon as you click this link, and contact a GAINSWave provider near you, the rest of the journey will be quick, painless and informative. Don’t try to cure your own erectile dysfunction, and don’t entrust such an important mission to some pill you purchased at the gas station, manufactured thousands of miles away.  

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