Drew Manning

Self Love & Manhood Sculpting

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Drew Manning


Drew Manning is a health and fitness guru who’s twice lost 75 pounds to gain empathy for his fitness clients. He realizes that self-love is the core of what a whole man needs to life a complete life. Which is why his exercise programs are as much about building the whole man as they are a man’s body.

On this episode, you will be uplifted and entertained as Drew shares his GAINSWave experience. Susan does a penis sculpting demonstration. And Drew ends the segment with some affirmations on self love.

If you want to feel like a robust package inside and out. This is the Summit episode for you. Need a pick me up? Want to feel good? Want some entertainment and some shame free advice about being the best man with the best penis? Then tune in for Drew and Suz - a dynamic, feel-good duo.

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