Dr. Prewitt Discusses the Importance of Sexual Health

The United States spends the most money on healthcare, yet we’re only ranked 28th in the world for healthiest. Aging and sexual health expert, Dr. Maryann Prewitt of HealthWellnessMD located in Dallas, Texas, dives deep into this topic on Wellness Mama’s latest podcast and discusses what you need to know to optimize your health now, and to prevent disease as you age.

Dr. Prewitt also discusses the importance of intimacy and sexual health, both individually and as a couple. She has treated many women with soundwave therapy, GAINSWave® for Her, which greatly helped improve their sexual performance and function. She even treats men with erectile dysfunction with the male version, GAINSWave®.




Want to experience FemiWave for yourself? Contact your local provider to learn more about the treatment or find one near you.

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