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Dr. Doreen Saltiel


Testosterone is legendary as much for the outdated urban legends we have about replacement therapy as about its benefits. Testosterone is the hormone of lust, of muscle building and of gumption. But did you know that having higher T lowers your chances of both heart attack and prostate cancer? Once you’re in midlife, it’s almost impossible to adequately regenerate your own T. But having enough T has HUGE positive effects on your life.

You’ll feel hornier, have a more solid erection, want to make things happen, be less grumpy, and live a longer, happier life. So, you need to get informed about your options for exogenous (external) testosterone replacement. Who is a good candidate and who is not?

Discover an alternative to clomid that includes kispeptin and gonadarelin dosing. Find out your options from a brilliant, caring, experienced hormone doctor.

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