Drinking Water Before Sex: Do’s and Don’ts

Your sexual endurance may be increased by eating the correct foods, exercising frequently, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Would you like to know what to drink to stay in bed longer? Let’s get started to learn more about these nutritious beverages for guys.

Did you know that simply drinking water can be a game changer, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED)? A lack of water can lead to dehydration which comes with lots of negative effects: from mood swings and unclear thinking to body overheating and erectile dysfunction. In this guide, we’ll review the key effects of drinking water on your sexual health and the relation between ED and dehydration.




What To Drink To Last Longer In Bed?

Amla or gooseberry juice, which contains a good level of iron and zinc, will help you stay in bed longer and also increase the quality of your sperm. Also water plays a vital role in keeping you healthy.

What To Drink To Last Longer In Bed – Home Remedies

  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Water
  3. Milk
  4. Banana shake
  5. Watermelon Juice
  6. Pomegranate Juice
  7. Strawberry Smoothie

Food to Last Longer in Bed

  1. Oysters
  2. Dark Chocolate
  3. Salmon
  4. Bananas
  5. Nuts and Seeds

Why you need control your water intake?

      • Aiding in digestion 

      • Removing “waste” from our bodies through excretion

      • Oxygenating the body

      • Regulating the body temperature

      • Moisturizing skin, joints, and bones

    If you don’t drink enough liquid, you end up dehydrated: an extremely dangerous condition that can significantly disrupt cell function, reduce your energy, and lead to fatigue. Here’s a quick self check-list that allows you to evaluate your current hydration state. If you’re not drinking enough water, you’re likely to experience these signs:

        • Dry mouth sensation and thirst

        • Cough and sore throat

        • Dark yellow color of urine

        • Dry, parched skin

        • Headache or drowsiness

        • Rapid heartbeat, feeling “on the edge”

      Can dehydration cause erectile dysfunction?

      Definitely! An interesting discovery has been made by US scientists showing that water and ED actually have a direct connection. It was established that a male’s water intake has a direct effect on the composition and amount of blood flow that leads to the erectionof the penis for normal intercourse. 

      Previously, medications solved problems with male impotence. However, during an experiment, scientists encouraged men to drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water per day to normalize body functions, including sexual activity. The results show that men who drank enough water (including fruit and vegetable juice) noticed a significant decrease of symptoms like fatigue, headache, and low libido levels. So, the good news is that there’s really no best drink for ED, but water and juice provide the most hydration. 

      However, coffee and tea (simply put, caffeine containing products), and alcohol don’t count since their diuretic properties cause the body to lose a lot of water. To avoid dehydration, you should compensate for the “damage” with an additional portion of water. Kimberly Snyder, a wellness expert and nutrition books author, says: “If you drank a glass of coffee or alcohol, you need to drink another glass of water to restore the body’s necessary water balance”.

      But what does water intake have to do with quality of sex and erections? Let’s see it in detail.

      Why drink water before sex: 5 convincing reasons


      1. Aids in lubrication

      Water contributes to the production of pre-ejaculate – the transparent fluid that serves as a natural lubricant for the urethra and neutralizes any acidity that could damage sperm. Drinking enough water helps you produce more of that fluid and improves the quality of sex..

      2. Improving semen quality and semen production

      Water intake has a direct impact on the quality and quantity of semen.Drinking two or three liters of water a day will allow your body to produce the maximum amount of seminal fluid. Besides, drinking water before sex can increase sperm motility and increase your chances to conceive. Also, pay attention to the quality of liquids you take. It is possible for tap water to contain a high level of chlorine that, in turn, can negatively affect fertility and testicular function.

      3. Enhancing libido levels

      Stress, lack of work-life-balance, and mental health issues are key factors that impact men’s libido, but food and water also affect it. Dehydration causes negative symptoms such as fatigue, decreased blood volume, and slowing of body movements resulting in lower levels of sexual desire.

      Adequate water intake throughout the day helps increase libido and reduce fatigue. If you notice dehydration symptoms, it’s high time to reconsider your diet: consume fruit and vegetables that contain high amounts of water (like cucumbers) and increase your daily water intake.

      Long gone are the days when eight glasses of water a day were considered the norm. According to Snyder, the amount of water you should consume is determined by the constitution of your body, the level of physical activity of a person, and weather conditions (since sweat causes us to lose more water). Snyder recommends drinking 0.3 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight every day.

      4. Cleansing your organs

      Drinking water before sex is a must to add to your routine since it aids in both men’s and women’s health. According to statistics, 80% of all urinary tract infections occur after sexual intercourse. The main reason is the peculiarities of the structure and location of the urethra. In women, this organ has a shorter and wider structure than in men. These factors facilitate the entry of pathogenic microorganisms inside.

      To prevent the entry of germs and microorganisms to the urethra,drink more liquid, so the urine will quickly remove the settled infection from the urinary tract. For women, urination after sex is especially beneficial: it will help to clear the short urethra of bacteria that may have entered.

      As you can see, not only does drinking water help sexually, but it also has a positive impact on your urinary system as well.

      5. Boosting mood 

      The quality of an erection depends on psychological and mental issues like anxiety, stress, and depression. Researchers from the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory, made a discovery that there’s a direct correlation between our mood and hydration. Even the slightest loss of water in the body leads to mood swings and confusion in thoughts. As soon as the human brain detects dehydration, it passes it on to other brain parts, which control sleep, mood, and ultimately health. Young men tend to experience difficulty in mental tasks like memorizing, anxiety, and general tension.

      Good news is that one sip of water can significantly improve mood, and ultimately, lead to better erections.

      Does drinking water make you last longer in bed?

      Does drinking water make you last longer in bed?

      Now, it’s time to address the question of water and ED: is there a chance that water makes you last longer in bed? While there’s no direct impact of consuming large amounts of water on erectile dysfunction, we can name a few reasons why it’s important.

          • Reducing sweat odor. Let’s admit it: during sex, we expect our partner to smell and look good, so these sensations boost pleasure and make both partners stay in bed longer. Of course it’s completely normal to sweat during sex, however if you smell an intrusive odor, think about drinking water before sex. The kidneys and blood need water for the removal of various decay products. Water rids the body of toxins and waste, washes it from the inside, and expels all unwanted odors. Bingo!

          • Increasing blood pumping. Water deprivation leads to thicker blood, since it contains less liquid, and accordingly more formed elements like platelets which can form clots under such circumstances. More water results in better blood pumping and, ultimately, stronger erections.

          • Boosting energy. Dehydration reduces concentration and can create an imbalance of salt and sugar in the body, which can lead to other health problems. Before swallowing any pills, drink a glass of water if you feel a headache or weakness.

          • Enhancing your skin. No matter how great you kiss, if your lips are parched and skin feels like a crackled desert soil, you lower your chances to enjoy a sexual intercourse with your partner. Water helps you restore the skin and makes it smoother to the touch.

          • Helping you to urinate. Last but not least, water makes you want to pee after drinking, which is a great natural disinfectant and a preventive measure against catching any bacteria.

        Wrapping up

        As you can see, water and ED go hand in hand. In some cases, there’s a direct correlation between your hydration level and sexual arousement while in some cases liquid just brings you some pleasant side-effects like smooth skin and upbeat energy. 

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        Does Drinking Water Help You Sexually?


        What To Drink To Last Longer In Bed?

        Amla or gooseberry juice, which contains a good level of iron and zinc, will help you stay in bed longer and also increase the quality of your sperm. Also water plays a vital role in keeping you healthy.

        Why You Need Drink Water Before Sex?
        1. Aids in lubrication
        2. Improving semen quality and semen production
        3. Enhancing libido levels
        4. Cleansing your organs
        5. Boosting mood 
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