Does COVID-19 Really Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Here’s What To Know.

HUFFPOST Asks GAINSWave’s Director of Clinical Excellence, Dr. Judson Brandeis  About The Relationship Between Erectile Dysfunction and COVID-19.

We know that the coronavirus can affect many parts of the body, including the brain and lungs. Is it time to acknowledge impotence might be a symptom too?

As more cases of COVID-19 have appeared, so too have more reports linking erectile dysfunction to the disease. A study published in July in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation found coronavirus survivors may experience sexual and reproductive health issues like ED following their illness. Doctors and experts also say they’ve seen patients who have struggled with the problem after contracting the virus.

The fact is that COVID-19 is still new to the medical world, and we’re still discovering short-term and long-term effects of the virus. There isn’t enough scientific data to definitively and directly link the coronavirus to erectile dysfunction.

But some experts don’t anticipate ED remaining a rare symptom as time goes on, and believe it will become more common “in anyone who has a severe COVID infection,” said Judson Brandeis, a urologist in California.

Here’s what could be going on with people experiencing erectile dysfunction following COVID-19… [CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE]

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