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“As a successful age management practice I chose the GAINSWave™ program because it was easy to implement and the strategy was already created. Using their marketing materials, I pre-sold nine treatments before I even attended the training and I recouped my investment immediately. I plan to create a brand new business division around the GAINSWave™ program.”

Southwest Age Intervention Institute
Dallas, TX

“GAINSWave™ made it easy to add the male spouses of my female patients into my practice. In less than three months I’ve treated 19 patients, including seven new patients resulting in over $100,000 of additional overhead or outside advertising.”

Vernon Williams, MD
San Antonia, TX

“Thanks to GAINSWave™ I was able to expand my practice. Since adding the GAINSWave™, every month I average 5 new patients generating approximately $20,000 of new monthly income without additional overhead! As a small practitioner that’s quite substantial.”

Kate Kass, MD
Bellevue, WA

“GAINSWave™ has given me the confidence and freedom to transition out of my traditional insurance based anesthesiology career and jump start my age management practice. In the first two weeks of joining the program, I’ve received 17 leads and six new patients. I am thrilled to have joined GAINSWave™!”

Martin Flynn, MD
Marina Del Rey CA

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