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Injury, pain, dysfunction in any part of the body can take you out of the life you enjoy yet pelvic and sexual dysfunction can feel particularly disconnecting from our sense of self-confidence and relationships. People dealing with pelvic and sexual dysfunction can often benefit from physical therapy focused on relaxing, strengthening, regenerating, and understanding how to use these areas just like other muscle groups. Healing starts in understanding the problem and evaluating the specific aspects of your dysfunction in throrough health history and understanding your story of your dysfunction to see how it fits into the practuce used to help many men overcome issues in this realm including muscle tests, movement evaluation, specific pelvic evaluation and specialized treatments including Gainswave to identify and treat the tissues that are one source of the dysfunction. Additionally an ongoing exercise program and self care plan to continue the progress established in the clinic can help you engage in the process daily to make a powerful and direct impact towards understanding, overcoming the problem and seeking performance and lifelong vitality in sexual function. Also knowing when to refer to my trusted colleagues in allopathic medicine, naturpathic medicine, chiropractic, massage, sex therapy and additional resources can lend complete multifaceted healing to use the difficulty felt at your low point as an opportunity for significant healing and transformation for lifelong health and wellbeing. For those not experiencing pain or dysfunction I also enjoy helping those looking for optimizing their sexual performance using Gainswave.

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